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Can A Kitchen Be In The Front Of The House?

Kitchens, in most households, are placed either in the back or side of the house. Houses with kitchens in the back often overlook a backyard, where parents can watch their children play while cooking or watching television.

But can a kitchen be in the front of the house? We break down the locations of the kitchens.

Can A Kitchen Be In The Front Of The House?

Kitchens can be placed wherever in the house. There’s no set location where a kitchen must be.

Kitchens are often set in the back of the house, like the living room, and family decor is often showcased in the front of the house.

Privacy is often kept in both the kitchen and the first-floor bathroom. This is why both rooms are held in the back or sides of the house. There are, however, no rules and regulations behind having a kitchen in front of the house.

As mentioned by this user on Houzz, their kitchen plan is in the front of their house.

room blueprint

Houses with kitchens along the south side of the house will typically experience more sunlight throughout the day. If your kitchen is on the side or front of the house, it may be early morning or a small fraction later in the day of sunlight.

Also, have group parties in mind when designing or buying a house with a kitchen in the front. Yes, the guest will be blessed with elegant smells as soon as they walk into the house.

However, guests will then have to walk past each other to get to the kitchen consistently.

Often, kitchens are positioned in the back of the house, allowing friends and family to enjoy time in the living and go to the back of the house (to the kitchen) to get what they need.

Consistently dodging people coming into the house, exiting the house, and trying to move food to the living room could be a hassle. It’s a minor detail that could make a big difference if your household likes having company.

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, keeping an eye on the kids is also a significant factor in the kitchen location.

When prepping dinner or mid-day snacks, parents like to watch the kids playing in the backyard. A kitchen in the front of the house would eliminate this multi-taking feature.

This is, of course, the opposite if your kids are neighborhood kids that play in the street or the front yard. The kitchen layout is solely based on your preference, whether in the front or back of the house.

Can A Kitchen Be Too Big?

There is no such thing as having too big of a kitchen! The kitchen and the family room are often spacious, as it allows for more space & organization.

Chefs & cooks who cook in a cramped kitchen will often be disorganized and will feel chaotic. Having a kitchen island on top of countertops to create separate meals can save time.

Kitchens have often seen as “too big” typically don’t have an island or a centerpiece that minimizes the floor space. If you have a kitchen that seems too big, we recommend an island or some table to offset the awkward space.

Can A Kitchen Be Too White?

Kitchens are often painted white or the general theme color of the house. A kitchen can never be too white, as the more white, the more it will pop and be seen as elegant.

We do, however, caution against making it “too white.” Kitchens are typically a hot mess of organized chaos.

Splatters, spills, and stains are a common theme among kitchens that have an active chef. Having white anything, whether it be clothes or shoes are always succumbed to accruing a mess.

White walls are not an issue, but we recommend that the countertops and the trim be other colors than white, that way, they’re easily cleaned, and missed stains aren’t apparent to guests.

Next Steps

Kitchens can be placed in the front of the house or the back of the house. It’s all dependant on where the homeowner chooses to position it. Factoring in guests, kids, and general navigation of the house helps as well.

Open or closed floor plans also play a significant role in where the kitchen should be located. A closed-door kitchen with an open floor plan to the rest of the house located in the front may benefit homes with private cooks.

Factor in the natural lighting, and there’s an endless amount of room location combinations that can be done. Let us know what your floor plan looks like and if your kitchen is located in the house’s front or back.

We’ve compiled a complete list of frequently asked kitchen questions for new and experienced homeowners.

Our team of experts answers these questions to help assist you through DIY projects and home repairs.