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Do Kitchen Extractor Fans Remove Smells?

Kitchen extractor fans are a great addition to kitchens with homeowners who frequently cook. The extractor fan is typically built above kitchen stoves or cooking areas.

Kitchen extractor fans are built to remove smells, foul odors, smoke, steam, and airborne grease while cooking. The smells after cooking may still linger in the kitchen once the fans have been shut off.

To understand if kitchen extractor fans remove smells, let’s first understand how kitchen extractor fans work.

What Is A Kitchen Extractor Fan?

Kitchen extractor fans (also known as a kitchen hood, exhaust hood, or range hood) help ventilate the cooking process by eliminating airborne grease, fumes, odor, and that nasty steam that makes your kitchen cloudy.

Kitchen extractor fan

Kitchen hoods often have filtration systems that absorb the pure air into the food and vent. Each filtration system and kitchen hood is created differently, especially the features that come standard.

The kitchen extractor fans work similarly to how much filtration and air duct systems work in your household:

  • A fan is turned on, oftentimes there is a high, medium, or low switch.
  • The fan will absorb the odor, airborne grease, or steam/smoke that is emitted from the cooking.
  • The fan will then extract the contents directly outside

One of the main keys to having a good filtration system is to ensure the odors, grease, and fumes are not lingering. Different types of hoods will produce different results.

Before purchasing, ensure with the instructions ( or the HVAC employee) if any filters need to be changed or fans that need to be replaced over time.

Do Kitchen Extractor Fans Remove Smells?

The kitchen extractor fan’s main purpose is to remove smells, foul odors, smoke, steam, and airborne grease. Fans and filtration devices are usually what comes standard with the installation.

Keeping the air fresh in, around, and above the cooking area will help you cook more efficiently. No more keeping your head out of the mix because onions or garlic gloves are being sauteed.

On top of removing smells, the extractor fan helps remove excess heat from cooking at high temperatures. Flames, smoke, or even consistent steam will be absorbed through the ventilation system.

As mentioned, be sure to make sure the smell that is absorbed by the extractor fan is removed. Built-up bacteria or grease in a fan or filtration device actually create an unwanted smell.

Other Benefits Of Kitchen Extractor Fans


Most kitchen extractor fans come standard with an overhead light. If you have poor lighting to the side of your cooking area, having an overhead spotlight while cooking will help ensure food is cooked properly.

Kitchen extractor fans will have one or multiple light setups that are typically customized based upon needs (dim, light, or full).

Improving Property Value

Having a kitchen extractor fan above a stove or other cooking area is very professional-looking. It gives the cooking area “ambiance” some extra flare, as it will instantly draw to the guest’s eye.

As the pricing of kitchen extractor fans has gone down, it’s almost expected for every home to have some fan or ventilation system. Join the trend and make sure your home is keeping up with the trends.

What Kitchen Extractor Fan Should I buy?

There are different kinds of kitchen extractor fans, and of course, different pricing options to fit everyone’s budget.

First, determine which kitchen extractor fan would fit your home. Do you need to have an HVAC technician come in and remodel your house? Can you install it yourself and plug it in? How is the ventilation in your kitchen?

These are some of the questions you need to figure out before purchasing any of the items below. We always want you to purchase smarter, especially when making home renovations.

Perfectto Kitchen Wall Mount Range Hood

kitchen hood

This 30″ stainless steel wall mount hood vent has a 194w motor that will suck any steam or smoke from cooking. Equipped with 3 different speed levels, air control is at your fingertips.

This kitchen hood style comes with two mesh filters that are dishwasher safe, so you’re able to clean and maintain a healthy smelling kitchen.

Standard with LED lights and a low-sounding motor, hearing and seeing what you’re cooking has never been easier with this kitchen wall mount hood.

Cosmo 5MU30 Kitchen Hood

kitchen hood extractor

If you’re looking for a space-saving and cheaper solution, we recommend the Cosmo 5MU30, 30-inch kitchen hood.

This style of kitchen extractor fans is great for condos, apartments, or small kitchens because of the minimum amount of space they require and easy installation. The ventilation pipe at the top is a 5-inch round duct that extracts the air.

Available in 30 or 36 inches, the Cosmo hood is made of brushed stainless steel, equipped with LED lights, and plugs easily into a 3 prong 120v plug.

Easy to clean features include reusable aluminum mesh filters to help trap grease and oil. These traps snap on and snap off for a smooth transition from trap to sink.


Kitchen extractor fans, also known as kitchen hoods, are great for any kitchen consistently cooking over a stovetop. They add elegance and glare to an already stunning kitchen.

We’ve included two different types of kitchen extractor fans above that should fit most kitchen options. They add a professional-looking element to the kitchen that is great for resale value or to stun guests as they enter your kitchen.

Start giving your kitchen both a fresh smell and a fresh look with these kitchen extractor fans. They often signify a kitchen with a chef who takes the smell and preparation seriously. These