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7 Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Bathroom Smells

The bathroom is one room that every human visits at least once a day. Having a clean, fresh-smelling bathroom is a necessity for both hygienic and health purposes. Bathroom smells can start to accumulate if not treated properly.

The best way to get rid of bathroom smell is to have proper ventilation, filtration systems, clean your toilet, shower, and sink often.

In this article, we want to walk you through different ways you can fight bathroom smells and help your bathroom sparkle and shine every day of the week.

How To Get Rid Of Bathroom Smells

To fight bathroom smells, we need to get down to the root cause of what’s causing the bathroom smell.

Eliminating nasty odors is a cause of bathroom buildups of both bacteria and poor ventilation. Simply stopping the build-up from happening is how we can keep one of the dirtiest places in our house, the cleanest.

Proper Ventilation

First and foremost, when building a bathroom or buying a new home/apartment, check the bathroom’s ventilation to make sure there is proper airflow.

Why does proper ventilation matter in a bathroom?

Most of us take warm or hot showers in the morning or at night. As soon as the hot water is turned on, steam and condensation build-up on the walls and ceiling. This build-up will cause mildew or mold if left untreated.

Steam and condensation are often vented through an air filtration system in most bathrooms. If you’re unsure of how your steam and condensation are filtered, be sure to check with your landlord or realtor to find out.

If left untreated, this can be an issue that can later impact the health of your bathroom.

Filtration Systems

If you’re unfamiliar with what a filtration system may look like, there’s a good chance you’ve seen this kind of light when entering a household bathroom.

It often makes somewhat of engine noise as it’s turned on. The reason being, the fan turns on, which helps filtrate all of the air in the bathroom. Most of these filtration systems come with lighting, which you can use to illuminate the bathroom.

Here is an example of a popular air vent system that you can purchase for your bathroom.

vent system

This is the first step in eliminating odors for your bathroom. Ensure all smells and condensation are properly filtered out of the house to avoid lingering in your bathroom.

Along with a vent fan that helps funnel out the bad air, natural air coming from the outside is another way along with the vent to funnel healthy air into your bathroom. We caution against opening the window in poor weather conditions, but there’s no better smell for a bathroom than fresh air from the outdoors.

Clean Often

Clean and clean often. It’s important to clean every aspect of your bathroom to ensure no build of any kind. Simply focusing on one component of your bathroom and ignoring another can cause a nasty smell to accumulate.

Toilet Cleaner

For obvious reasons, we always want to start by keeping the toilet clean. At a minimum, the toilet should be cleaned every week with toilet bowl cleaner or some toilet tank cleaner, consistently keeping the water and porcelain fresh.

We recommend these toilet bowl cleaners and toilet bowl brushes to stay efficient in your cleaning process.

toilet cleaner

Again, if you’re not looking to scrub your toilet, simply having a toilet tank cleaner will help do the trick.

toilet cleaner

However, this toilet tank cleaner will not help remove stains or build-up in the tank; you’ll need to scrape that off.

Shower Cleaner

The shower or bathtub is one of the hardest surface areas to clean, especially with how large the surface area is.

We wrote about the 6 best ways to clean your bathroom here, and in it, we talked about how you clean your bathroom by using all-natural solutions and stand-up scrubbing brushes like this one.

shower cleaner

Cleaning the shower may seem simple, as it’s obvious to clean the floor and the shower sliding doors. However, bacteria can build up in the grout and on the walls, especially if there are males or females in your house with long hair.

The hair can build up on the walls, leading to falling off and clogging in the drain. It’s not common for this to happen, but we always want to be proactive rather than reactive when cleaning our bathrooms.

Sink Cleaning Tools

The sink, along with the toilet, we believe needs to be cleaned every single week. The main reason is toothpaste and other material build-ups.

Especially if you have kids, 2-3 mouths spitting toothpaste into a sink every night can cause build-up fairly quickly.

The sink is home for dirty hands and dirty mouths, which typically equates to bad smells if left untreated.

To clean your bathroom sink, we recommend using this ergonomic brush to help eliminate the odors. If you’re looking for a more in-depth solution, check out this article to see which other products can help you.

Using water from the sink will do just fine and any household soap that you may have. This brush, however, is great to scrub out any leftover grime in the sink that you may not want to put your hands on.

Floor Cleaning Tools

Last, the floors that attract dirt, mud, and grass from kids should be cleaned weekly. This chore was a pain in the past because it required the cleaner to be on their hands and knees, scrubbing on an uncomfortable tile floor.

However, this tool can help save your back and your knees. Simply scrubbing the floors from a stand-up position has made cleaning the dirty floors an easy task.

cleaning tool

The simple and clever design of the OXO cleaner allows you to scrub grout linings on the edges of your bathroom and under the sink a breeze.

Air Fresheners (Deodorizers)

We wanted to wrap the article with plugins and deodorizers. If you’re looking for that beautiful scene that instantly graces the nose of your bathroom-goers, we recommend investing in a deodorizer.

air wick

We want to caution you, however, to not just skip to the air fresheners first. We highly recommend you clean all of the above and top it off with an air freshener.

Air fresheners are great at masking smells and don’t actually eliminate bacteria or mold that will grow.

Treat air fresheners as the cherry on top to an already cleanly scrubbed and maintained bathroom.


Maintaining a sparkling clean bathroom is great both for appearance and health. Bathrooms should be cleaned as frequently as possible, typically every week. If you have more than one kid, more than likely, it’ll need constant cleaning.

How do you clean your bathroom? We’d love to hear about any tips you may have in the comment section below to already add to this list!