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Do Kitchen Islands Need To Be Centered?

Kitchen islands are often the staple of any kitchen. An island is an excellent place for guests to gather to drink, eat, and converse while having a resting place. It’s also a great spot to both stand and sit, whereas a kitchen table is known for primarily sitting. However, the question for kitchen islands is, do they need to be centered in the middle of the room?

Kitchen islands do not need to be centered in the kitchen. Kitchen islands need to be positioned based on what it’s used for. The dining and cooking islands should be placed in the middle of the cooking area. Islands that need electric power should be positioned near outlets.

We’re going to talk about the best way to align your kitchen island, but first, let’s learn more about the kitchen island.

Do Kitchen Islands Need To Be Centered?

The kitchen islands do not need to be centered. If the kitchen is combined with a living room or continues into another room, we recommend finding the edge of where the tile meets the next room.

The answer to this question is all based on the kitchen size. Each kitchen will have a different sized kitchen island that fits with it.

We highly encourage you to measure out your kitchen before actually deciding to install a kitchen island.

In all other cases, kitchen islands should be placed in the most accessible spot within the kitchen. One of those spots may be centered. It all depends on your kitchen layout and how big the kitchen island is.

What Is The Average Size Of A Kitchen Island?

Kitchen islands typically average anywhere between 3 feet 6 inches and 4 feet tall. It depends on the style of the kitchen island and what the primary purpose of the island is.

Kitchen islands that are used strictly for storage or decorative, the height may be a bit smaller. For those who plan to have a sink installed, have chairs that double as a kitchen table in an apartment or even a place for friends to gather around.

It’s important to know that there are different types of kitchen islands that you can install. Below, we’re going to showcase what each kitchen island is available to you and help you with your purchasing decision.

What Are Different Types Of Kitchen Islands?

Below are the different types of kitchen islands that you can build within your kitchen.

Sink Island

sink kitchen island
via the spruce

Kitchen islands that include a sink in the middle of them are often referred to as “sink islands.” As pictured above, these islands come with a sink fixture that can be connected to a water hose and have full washing capabilities.

One thing to highly consider when building a kitchen island with a sink attached is you’ll need to call the plumber in to get additional plumbing to the sink. We always recommend you factor this into your pricing when installing a kitchen island with a sink.

Sink islands are great for high ceiling kitchens that want a centralized washing post separate from their cooking station.

Cook-Top Island

cook top island
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Kitchen cooktop islands are exactly what they sound like, an island to cook! Cooktop islands are great for cooks who like to entertain guests as the main focus in the kitchen.

We always recommend that homeowners who want to install a kitchen island with a cooktop will need to get gas or oil piped into your kitchen for the stove to activate. This may cause additional costs for installing the pipping on top of your kitchen island that you’re looking to purchase.

Cooktop islands are also great for chefs who can whip up dinner and watch their kids eat. It often doubles as a table (see picture above) and provides an audience for the cook!

Dining Island

dining island
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A dining island is more common in households and apartments. Its primary purpose is to serve as a dining centerpiece. The dining island serves as the main table for the kitchen, which can also be used as a place to stand and converse.

The dining island can typically be found in a square or rectangle shape and can be a great way to fill space that’s often left in large kitchen spaces.

Storage Island

Storage islands are different than the islands we’ve listed above, as their primary purpose is to store items. Storage or “floating” islands are great because they double as a place to rest items in a social setting or a place to store unwanted items.

Storage islands can often be found in small apartments or even smaller kitchens. These are great additions to kitchens that need a bit more storage.

Where Can I Buy Kitchen Islands?

Whether it be a sink, cooktop, or dining island, kitchen islands are best purchased in local department/hardware stores. We’ve searched the internet and could not find a good solution to buy online.

It’s better to search these stores with appropriate measurements and see what style best fits your kitchen.

However, storage islands can easily be purchased online and installed in no time.

Here are our best picks for storage kitchen islands

Monarch White Kitchen Islands

storage island

We featured this kitchen island above, as it’s one of our favorites. The white combined with the brown finish on the top gives this island a nice rustic look for older homes.

It doubles as food storage and a place to hang around if guests come over casually. Start storing your belongings here!

Liberty Black Kitchen Cart With Wood Top

kitchen cart

The Liberty black kitchen cart with wood top is an excellent option for smaller kitchens that want to have the elegance of a kitchen island but may not have space. The kitchen cart doubles as a chopping table and can be extended for guests to rest a drink on casually.

These tables measure 29 inches and can be wheeled to the side if you’re trying to open up the kitchen. See full dimensions here.

Next Step

Kitchen islands don’t need to be centered in the middle of the kitchen. They should be a focused centerpiece of the kitchen, but they should fit the flow of the kitchen.

Check the dimensions and the size of each kitchen island that you’re looking to purchase before actually deciding. Use our guide above for the 4 types of islands that best suit your kitchen island needs!

We’ve compiled a complete list of frequently asked kitchen questions for new and experienced homeowners.

Our team of experts answers these questions to help assist you through DIY projects and home repairs.