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Why Are Kitchen Sinks Always Near Windows?

Kitchen Sinks are always by windows because kitchens often get messy, and so the windows provide light to help with this.

The reason kitchens are typically near a window is because of natural lighting. There’s a reason why dining rooms, living rooms, and the kitchens in many houses all have windows. It’s because natural lighting can dramatically change the ambiance of a space.

This post explores why sinks are always near windows while giving some tips for reducing messes. Along with some fun facts about how window placement can affect your kitchen design!

Kitchen Sinks With Natural Light

In fact, placing your kitchen near a window can increase your happiness as well! A 2011 study in Applied Science found that those who spent more time near windows (even fake ones) were happier. The researchers discovered that light shining through a window exerted an effect on mood similar to how sunlight does.

The reason for this is likely because it boosts serotonin production in the brain and has a calming effect on body temperature, sending you into a more relaxed state.

Kitchen Sink Plumbing

Kitchen sinks are often next to windows and dishwashers because water from the dishwasher exploits the gravity flow of water near windows.

Kitchen sinks are often near dishwashers because it’s easy to transport the dirty dishes from the sink to the dishwasher.

Windows are often placed behind kitchen sinks to help the water drain.

Gravity helps to drain the water, so sinks are placed near windows.

In the kitchen, dishwashers are often installed next to the sink, for ease of cleaning and cleaning them is easier in those locations.

In newer homes, dishwashers and kitchen sinks can be placed where they make the most sense along with other appliances and furniture placement.

Benefits Of Having Your Sink Under A Window

The benefits of having your kitchen sink under a window is outstanding. I don’t know how many of you are like me, but I love to look at the birds and squirrels while washing my dishes. There is nothing better than that fresh smell of morning dew on a flower petal while you rinse the mud off your breakfast dishes.

Along with the fresh smell of rinsing your dirty dishes, having your sink under a window allows for the dirty smell from the dishes and kitchen to be replaced by the fresh air.

The main benefit of having the kitchen sink directly under the sink is to provide proper air filtration throughout the kitchen.

In a healthy kitchen, the air should penetrate and permeate throughout. No one wants to breathe in cook’s air. Cooking is important to humans because it is an important way to protect our health and it contributes to our daily rituals.

Kitchen sinks are used to wash dishes and typically gather a mixture of foods in the bottom of them. These smells can often accumulate from bad fruits, vegetables, and meat. If sinks aren’t consistently cleaned, they can put out a smell that isn’t pleasant to the nose.

Why Kitchen Sinks Are Usually in a Corner of the Kitchen

I remember when I was growing up, my mom always had a corner kitchen. The corners were always perfect spots to put the pots and pans, dishes, and random items that needed to be put away.

Corner kitchens have a lot going for them because they allow for extra storage space that isn’t taken up by other things. As you can see in this picture, there is plenty of extra storage space directly under this window so no extra cabinetry needs to be used.

This kitchen would be extremely difficult to design in a way that incorporates the sink without the window. It wouldn’t look very nice to have an extra hole in the wall beside the sink.

This is why I think kitchens with windows are so great and they make for a much more pleasant experience. This window helps add extra sunshine to the room, which is said to bring happiness and joy into people’s lives.


Kitchen sinks are often near windows for design purposes, as well as air filtration purposes. Homeowners often have windows near the kitchen sink because it allows them to put a window in the kitchen without it being out of pla

The kitchen sink is usually found near the window because it allows the homeowner to put a window without it being out of place. If a window was placed in the middle of the wall, it would be noticeable that there are no windows on either side.

If one were to put two windows in a row on any wall, this would also look strange and out of place. Therefore, if one were to place a window somewhere in the kitchen, he or she might as well have another window next to it.

The windows also allow for air to be filtrated in and out of the kitchen when meals with strong odors are cooked. If there is food left in dishes that may accumulate a strong smell, the window will allow you to extract some of that smell from the kitchen to the outside.

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