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Why Do Kitchens Have Two Sinks?

Whether in a large home or even a small apartment, Kitchens may feature a double bowl sink. These two sinks prove to be beneficial for many reasons.

Kitchens often have two sinks for preparation and cleaning. This allows the chef to have separate stations for fresh food and one disposing of the food mess.

In this article, we’re going to show you why kitchens have two sinks and their uses.

Why Kitchens Have Two Sinks

Kitchens have two sink stations, mainly for cleaning and cooking.

The cleaning sink is used for cleaning dishes, hands, or any other dirty item that needs a quick rinse.

The cooking sink is used for draining and measuring water levels. Having two sinks can be useful for those who like to separate cooking and cleaning from each other.

Types Of Double Sinks

Two Sink Stations

Kitchen Island
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The first type of sink station that is often found in the kitchen is the multiple sink station. These are often two different sinks that are found relatively close to each other.

For instance, if a homeowner has one sink built into the countertop, they may also have another sink built into the kitchen island, as shown below.

This extra sink allows the chef to have two completely different sinks to prep and formulate the meals.

For example, if you’re cooking something with onion as a side dish and don’t want to get the smell and aroma of other parts of the food, having two sinks can help separate these items.

However, the downside of having two sink stations is that the homeowner will need to have a plumber pipe in another water supply to the second sink. To have two working sinks, two main water supplies must be piped in.

Double Bowl Sinks

double bowl sinks

Double bowl sinks are common in both houses and apartments, as it requires no extra water supply, simply just an extra pipe.

Double bowl sinks, shown above, are sink bowls that can be fixed directly into the countertop.

The double sink bowls are great for chefs that want to have two workstations directly next to each other.

Kitchens that have double bowls are often used for a preparation station and a cleanup station.

Preparation means cutting, washing, or disposing of any liquids into the proper side of the sink.

This is key, especially if you’re working with any juices, as you don’t want to pour all of these juices over dishes that may be in the sink prior.

The cleanup station will store any dirty dishes from previous cooking sessions or any dirty materials used during the cooking process.

For instance, if you’ve used a mixing bowl for the salad and transferred it into a presentation bowl for your guests, you’ll want to put the dirty mixing bowl in the sink.

Especially if you’re a cook who likes to do the dishes after you cook, it may make sense to divide the two workstations to keep clean and dirty separated.

Best Double Bowl Sinks For Your Kitchen

If you’re looking into the double sink bowls, it’s important to make sure it has all the features and measurable to fit your current sink.

Below, we’ve listed our picks for the best double bowl sinks for current kitchens that you can easily install.

Kraus Standard 33-inch Under Mount

Our first pick is the standard Kraus 33-inch under-mount. This sink is super easy to install and is Amazon’s Choice for a reason.

Featuring a 10″ deep bowl, this double sink bowl can hold up to 30 stacks of plates and a 12 qt stock pot. The depth of the sink bowl allows for more room when loading up the sink.

double bowl sink

The double bowls measure in at 16 7/8 and 12 7/8. This bowl also featured NoiseDefend soundproofing technology, with the absorption of thick rubber pads on the outside. This will stop any vibrations from rattling around once silverware is dropped into the bowl.

Made from thick stainless steel, the Kraus brand has trusted quality in sink manufacturing and is backed by over 300+ reviews on Amazon.

Kraus KTM32 33 Inch Top Mount

If you’re looking for a top-mounted sink fixture that can be placed directly on the countertop, we recommend Kraus’s KTM32.

top mount sink

The KTM32 features heavy-duty stainless steel, which fits in perfectly with any style of kitchen. Along with being durable and dent-resistant, the KTM32 offers NoiseDefend soundproofing technology to reduce silverware noise or dishes rattling against the edges.

This double sink bowl is perfect for those who are looking to purchase their first sink bowl. The two sink bowls are 60/40 in size and allow prep and cleanup stations with no overhang or leftover mess.

Kraus KGD Granite Kitchen Sink

Granite sink

Where strength meets style – the Kraus KGD is a great alternative for those looking for a bit more style with their double bowl sink but still need the reliability of a strong surface.

This sink is highly durable and comes in different colors – black, brown, gray, and white. Along with the great look, Kraus also claims many other features for their double bowl sink:

  • Naturally Hygienic – Non-Porous composite material resists food and liquid from sticking on the surface.
  • Heat Resistant – Engineered stone surface withstands extreme temperature fluctuations to handle hot pots & pans.
  • Stain Resistant – Smooth non-porous surface is highly resistant to dirt, grime and wipes clean easily. Fights tough against coffee, wine, and grease
  • Shock Resistant – High-quality granite composite ensures even distribution of material to be able to absorb impact

As with the other Kraus products, the KGD offers sound-absorbing technology, limiting the rattling of dishware.


Double bowls are a great amenity to add to your kitchen. It allows you to be organized in both the preparation and the cleanup process. We always caution the homeowner to check with a plumber to make sure that you can install a double sink before purchasing the products.

Typically, the plumber will need to add a second pipe, funneling to the first pipe for all waste.

We’ve also seen a number of our users use the second sink for compost. Put any waste materials you would use for a garden compost into this part of the sink and empty it every night.

It’s completely up to you what you use for this second sink. We believe it makes cooking and preparation having separate stations.

Let us know what sink bowl is your favorite and if Kraus has met all of your cooking & sink needs!