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What Is a Master Bedroom? Learn Here

By Robin Hatch

November 26, 2019

The master bedroom is often recognized as the main bedroom in the house. It’s where the parents or the owner of the household typically sleep. Whether a colonial or a ranch, most present-day homes will feature a master bedroom.

The master bedroom is the largest in the house and often has a master bathroom. The master bathroom typically has a bathtub, shower, vanity sink as well as a large mirror.

It’s essential to identify a master bedroom within a house to fit all your house-buying needs. This article will learn more about the master bedroom and what rooms relate to the master bedroom.

Why Is It Called a Master Bedroom?

Master Bedroom
Example Of Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is often the largest room in the house, with the best location (usually the second floor in the corner of the house or the first floor in the house’s corner).

The corner of the house is significant because of the homeowners’ privacy, away from the children.

It also allows the homeowner to have privacy from guests or friends if there’s company over.

In modern housing, having a master bedroom equipped with a master bathroom is essential for any homeowner with or without kids.

Homeowners with kids will often want a master bathroom, so they don’t have to share with younger children, who tend to be messy in their daily habits.

Do Master Bedrooms Have Master Bathrooms?

Yes. The master bedroom typically has a master bathroom that’s attached to it.

The master bathroom is often equipped with a full bath (shower and bathtub combination), toilet, and sink for private use. It’s not mandatory, however, for every master bedroom to have a master bathroom.

Master bathrooms are located within the master bedroom, not accessible to other guests in the hallway leading up to the bedroom.

These bathrooms are often a luxury for the homeowner, as it’s secluded and only used by 1 or 2 people max.

The other bathrooms in the house are often used for guest purposes, but the master bedrooms are exclusively for the house owners.

Does Every House Have A Master Bedroom?

Yes. Every house has a bedroom that is the biggest compared to the others. This is often known as the master bedroom that the homeowner sleeps in.

However, not every master bedroom has a master bathroom. Only certain homes will feature a master bathroom built within the master bedroom.

Master bathrooms must be built into the house initially, typically when the house is first being built.

The master bathroom is an extra amenity that will often drive the price of the home higher.

Difference Between A Master Bedroom & Primary Bedroom

The difference between a master bedroom and a primary bedroom is the positioning and size. Master bedrooms are often the largest bedroom in the house and are positioned at the end of a long hallway.

Primary bedrooms can be found on the ground level or in the middle of the floor plan. Master bedrooms will often have a master bathroom too, which will be the largest bathroom in the house.

Other Rooms In The House

We’ve compiled a list of room names that are common in today’s house-buying market. Here are the essential rooms that every homeowner should know when buying a house.


The kitchen is where meals are prepared and stored. Microwaves, refrigerators, and other cooking appliances are stored in the kitchen.

Kitchens often have kitchen islands or dining tables where families will meet and sit around to enjoy a meal.

Usually, the kitchen is one of the most critical rooms, especially for buyers.

Dining Room

The dining room is where meals prepared and cooked in the kitchen are brought to the dining room. The dining room often features a large table that can fit 4-8 guests or family members.

This room is often attached to the kitchen, as hot meals can easily be carried over and set on the table.

Family Room

The family room is often dedicated to having a couch and TV, which the family can sit around and enjoy. Often families will gather in the family room when friends and family visit.

This room is often the biggest in the household. Large couches and TVs can be found in the family room.

Finished/Unfinished Basement

The basement is the area under the house’s first floor, which the homeowner may choose to finish or leave unfinished. Modern-day finished basements have carpeting or hardwood flooring that adds value to the household.


The den is similar to the family room but is often in addition or secluded. This room typically houses a couch and TV as well.

Dens are often found with steps that lead down into the den. This is another area of the house that may be utilized as a gathering spot for friends and family.


The foyer is also known as the lobby, the open space that connects the front door to the family room or kitchen. This area connects rooms and stairs.

Think of the foyer as the “main access point” of the house, and steer guests to different rooms.


Houses that feature an office will have an office desk and an office chair that the person who owns the office will occupy.

These are the common names for rooms in a standard household. Each realtor or house representative will have different words related to the list above for each part of the house.

Screened In Porch (3 Seasons Porch)

This area of the house is a porch that has walls or screens as walls.

This area is often used for three seasons ( as shown in the name) because it’s not heated and can only be used in the three seasons.

The screened-in porch is often found on houses that don’t have a large living room or for homeowners who want to enjoy the outdoor comfort and breeze while remaining in the shade.


The master bedroom is named for the master of the house, sleeping and starting the day in that room. It’s often the largest and most spacious in the place.

Their purpose often names rooms in a house.

The family room is named because of its purpose of housing the family. Each room can be moved around to fit the desired need of the homeowner.

When looking for a house, it’s essential to ensure the master bedroom has a master bathroom. It will give the ultimate privacy to couples who have children.

We’ve compiled a complete list of frequently asked bedroom questions for new and experienced homeowners.

Our team of experts answers these questions to help assist you through DIY projects and home repairs.

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