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Is a Smart Refrigerator Worth it? 4 Reasons Why

In recent years, smart kitchen appliances have rapidly increased within today’s market. So much so that by 2025, around 38.6 billion smart devices will simultaneously be collecting, analyzing, and sharing data through the cloud. This is astronomical, and something that’s been an increasingly popular trend is smart fridges, but are they truly worth it?

Smart fridges are worth it because you’ll be able to plan daily activities, check the weather, create a grocery list, and much more. Smart fridges are energy efficient which helps the planet and reduces your energy bill.

As you can see, smart fridges are worth it because they’re highly innovative. However, at the current market price of around $2,000-$5,000, it’s understandable why some people negatively think about these fridges.

From being an actual kitchen, bed, and bathroom fanatic, let me explain why you should consider investing in a smart fridge.  

4 Reason To Buy A Smart Fridge

If you’ve been looking to invest in a new fridge, you’ve probably asked yourself, “should I buy a smart fridge?” which is entirely understandable. After all, when shopping for fridges, these look incredible on display compared to ordinary ones.

However, apart from its appearance, below are more reasons to purchase a smart fridge.

1. Enhanced Convenience

When someone mentions ‘smart’ to me, I immediately think of innovative and futuristic technology. Although a smart fridge may sound questionable, you’ll be surprised by most brands’ features equipped with their fridges.

For a better understanding of how these features can increase convenience, see below:

  • Coordinate schedules for each family member on a calendar.
  • Search for recipes on your fridge while you cook.
  • Create a grocery list and sync it to your smartphone.
  • Set expiration dates to receive notifications about when certain foods are going out of date.
  • Sync both your smart TV and your fridge up together to watch television while in the kitchen.
  • Some smart fridges include an in-fridge camera to see what’s inside your fridge through your mobile.

From the above, you can quickly understand that a smart fridge has some outstanding features. These features massively enhance convenience as you can perform many different day-to-day activities on them.

2. Reduces Food Waste

Something that impresses me with smart fridges is that they’re equipped with features that can dramatically decrease the amount of food we waste. It’s estimated that around 1.3 billion tons of produced food are lost or destroyed yearly. Most of this is due to food becoming spoiled from reaching its best-before date.

However, with smart fridges, a few features can reduce the amount we waste. These features are the in-fridge camera, expiration date-setter, and grocery list.

If your smart fridge includes these features, you’ll undoubtedly reduce the amount of wasted food.

With the in-fridge camera, you can confirm which food you already have at home while in the supermarket. From this, it stops you from double-buying. If you’re anything like me, this is a huge problem.

Don’t get me wrong, the price of a smart fridge is undoubtedly scary. However, if you consider that most fridges have a life expectancy of around 14 years, it’ll certainly pay for itself over the time you have it.  

3. Exclusive To Homeowner

Owning a smart fridge is exceptionally exclusive.

If you adore showing off your home with luxurious appliances and furniture, then a smart fridge is destined for you. You’ll certainly wow each guest that ponders into your home with this highly technological equipment.

4. Energy Efficient

As climate change becomes problematic, more kitchen appliances are steering towards A+++ efficiency.

Since refrigerators were introduced into the market in the 1980s, they kept their traditional design until 2010. However, as technology advanced, for some reason, fridges didn’t.

Because of this, it’s estimated that around 5% of U.S. homes’ annual energy consumption comes from operating a fridge freezer. The fridges are switched on 24/7, so the more energy-efficient, the better.

As we’re aware, smart fridges are developed around newer technology, meaning most of them to come supplied with an A+++ rating. Although this may vary with some models and brands, it’ll undoubtedly have a good energy rating compared to the older 2010 and lower fridge models.

Best Budget-Friendly Smart Fridges

After reading the above, you’re probably intrigued about the best smart fridges currently circulating. It’s understandable because the hidden benefits of these appliances start to add up rapidly. Here are the best smart fridges of 2021:

Samsung Family Hub RS8000

Samsung Family Hub RS8000

If you’re looking for something extremely high-tech, this Samsung Family Hub RS8000 is worth checking out. This smart fridge has three built-in cameras and a smart window, so you can check what’s inside your fridge before even opening it.

Here are the main features of the refrigerator:

  • You can check whether you need something from the supermarket via your smartphone.
  • It includes a tagging feature to receive notifications when your food has reached its use-by-date.
  • Additionally, you can search for recipes, create a shopping list, organize a family planner, etc.   

This fridge is jammed-packed with exciting and futuristic technology, which can increase your fridge’s overall versatility.

LG InstaView Door-In-Door

Something a little more inexpensive is the LG InstaView Door-in-Door fridge, which has revolutionary InstaView technology. You can tap twice on the fridge’s glass to access a view inside it.

By implementing this design, L.G. has found that food stays cooler for longer because it reduces the time it’s opened.

This feature includes connecting to their SmartThinQ™ app with your phone. Here, you’ll receive important notifications about your fridge from anywhere.


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You should be starting to understand why smart fridges are worth it from the above. Without a doubt, they were expensive. However, looking past that and into the future, it’ll certainly pay for itself over a few years of energy and food saving.

However, as we become more adaptive to this type of technology, fridges of this caliber will slowly decrease in price.

So, now you understand the importance of smart fridges, would you be considering investing in one?

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