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Should Bedroom Doors Have Locks?

By Robin Hatch

February 7, 2022

Bedroom door security is usually not at the top of a homeowner’s priority list. Yet, a bedroom lock can significantly affect a person’s privacy. It might make them feel much more comfortable and secure inside a home.

Are you renovating or constructing a new home? Do you love the privacy and want to make sure that you and your family are safe? Are you wondering if bedrooms doors should have locks? 

Yes, bedroom doors with locks ensure the person’s privacy in the room, so bedrooms should have locks if desired. However, these locks should not be entered with a key for safety reasons. The only doors in your house that need a key are those that lead outside.

Though the central question of whether or not bedroom doors should have locks has been addressed, several caveats are to consider; you’ll need the ideal bedroom door lock for your specific situation. But how does one go about finding the perfect fit option for their home’s bedroom door? Read on to learn more.

Should Bedroom Doors Have Locks?

Your bedroom is your own space, and securing it with a lock ensures your privacy. Having certain types of door locks, on the other hand, can be detrimental to your safety. Because your front door is the essential door in your house, it’s critical to install a proper and long-lasting exterior door lock.

All options are a hefty mortise lock, a deadbolt, or an electronic door.

Regardless, locks should be installed on your bedroom door, but you must not purchase a lock with a key! Parents in a house with children desire a lock on their doors, but having a lock with a key will be a disadvantage in an emergency.

While you are not supposed to use a keyed lock in your bedroom, you must close the door before bed. In an emergency, closing your bedroom door can help. A closed bedroom door, for example, can help to limit the spread of fires, reduce smoke inhalation, regulate room temperatures, and enhance oxygen levels.

Instead of a keyed lock, an indoor lock should be used for your bedroom door. A sliding bolt is a good choice. The door can only be secured and unlocked from your end, and in the case of emergency, a sliding bolt would be easy to break down, and you won’t have to worry about misplacing your keys.

Should Kids Have Locks On Their Bedrooms Doors?

Another important consideration is whether or not locks should be installed in your children’s bedrooms. The reality is your children will want privacy as they grow older, but a locked door may pose a safety risk when they are smaller.

If your kids are teenagers, they should have locks on their bedroom doors. And when you put a lock on your child’s door, ensure it’s a “privacy lock.”

These locks do not require a key to open and can usually be opened from the outside with minimal effort. This will provide the desired level of privacy while yet allowing access in the event of an emergency.

On the other hand, if your child is under the age of 11, it is not recommended that they have locks on their bedroom doors. This is because you still need to watch them at this age. Instead, you should always knock on their door before entering their room to signal that you respect their privacy. This will also teach kids to respect other people’s privacy. 

As a result, consider placing a handle with no lock until your child indicates a desire to have privacy.

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Lock & Key

Bedroom doors that require a key to open pose a significant safety risk. A keyed door prevents help from reaching the person inside the locked room in a fire.

If the key cannot be discovered or the person inside the room with the key becomes disabled in an emergency, the only choice is to smash down the door, which is more complex than it appears. These types of locks could be fatal in the event of a fire.

Some communities and properties prohibit using keys to lock interior doors.

Understanding your local building laws and community standards is essential, especially if you rent your house. Make no significant changes until you have thoroughly researched the subject.

Should You Lock Your Bedroom Door At Night?

It would be best if you did not lock your bedroom door at night. If you feel unsafe in your home at night, consider purchasing additional locks for the front entrance. If something were to happen to you while you were sleeping, help would be difficult to reach you behind a locked door.

If there is a fire in your bedroom and you need to flee quickly, a locked door will be another impediment in your way.

Though some may claim that it adds extra safety in the event of a house invasion, a home security system may alleviate this anxiety if you prefer to leave your bedroom door locked at night.

How Do You Secure a Bedroom Door That Doesn’t Have a Lock?

There are various methods for securing a bedroom door without a lock. The most popular approach is to jam a chair underneath the knob, preventing the door from swinging toward the person opening it.

However, this strategy is flawed because most bedroom doors open inward. When attempting to barricade oneself inside, the chair provides an effective barrier, but it does not prevent the door from being forced open from the outside.

A door wedge, often known as a door stopper, effectively secures a door. Place the wedge beneath the closed door. This would take a lot of strength to dislodge and serves as a good deterrent.

The Best Lock For a Bedroom Door

To find the best lock for your bedroom door, you must first understand a few key characteristics. For first-time buyers, the procedure may appear daunting at first. But here’s a quick review of the factors that will play a role in determining your bedroom door lock. 

  • Lock Type: Bedroom door locks are available in various styles, each best suited to a certain situation. Buyers must determine which lock type is most suited to their needs. Are you looking for a deadbolt, knob lock, chain, or padlock for your bedroom door? Before making a final decision, you must answer this question.
  • ANSI Security Rating: Each bedroom door lock is ANSI-rated for security. These evaluations are based on a scale of 1-3. Grade 1 locks are the most secure, while grade 3 locks are the least secure.
  • Smart Lock Capabilities:  Smart bedroom door locks aren’t prevalent, but they can be helpful in certain situations. They’re mainly found on the doors of older people who need assistance.
  • Installation Ease: Any bedroom door lock worth purchasing will be simple to install. Buyers will need to conduct extensive research on this aspect before making a final decision.
  • Hand-operated or keypad: Some variants have a regular doorknob that can be opened and closed by hand. For these processes, more modern locks feature keypads with a code.

Also, we’ve compiled a shortlist of top bedroom door locks to give you a better idea of what to expect. Each lock was chosen because it possessed desirable attributes that distinguished it as a top-tier lock. These bedroom door lock reviews and the subsequent purchase guide will tell you more about these qualities.

Amazon Basics Bedroom Locks

AmazonBasics’ Bedroom Door Knob Lock is one of the more conventional options on this list. It’s a simple bedroom door lock with no additional features that make it difficult to use or install.

Here are a few buyer reviews:

This option provides a straightforward installation process with clear instructions. I didn’t even have to drill holes, which should instill confidence in anyone reading this. It also has an adjustable latch that allows for a suitable fit on various doors.

It’s also not difficult to lock this doorknob. It includes a turn-knob locking system on the inside that allows the user to close or open the door according to their preferences. It won’t keep an intruder out, but it will keep my relatives out when they try to harass me.

Satin nickel, polish brass, oil-rubbed bronze, and matte black were among the four-color and material options available to me. With this option, it should blend in with practically any home décor. It gives the device a lot more versatility than other sorts of bedroom door locks I’ve seen.

Furthermore, it comes at a fair cost. It was easy to incorporate into my budget. As a result, it has some utility as a discount purchase or a quick-fix solution.

Nevertheless, a few buyers have mentioned that they have had some shipment troubles. In these circumstances, the buyer received damaged and unusable goods.  


  • Simple design with a latch that can be adjusted to fit various door sizes
  • It’s easy to put together, and there’s no need to drill holes
  • Locking mechanism with a simple turn knob
  • For a variety of uses, there are four color options
  • Reasonably priced option

Cons: Shipment troubles

Copper Creek  

Finding an affordable and efficient bedroom door lock isn’t always as easy. However, Copper Creek’s Door Knob fits both duties. It boasts one of the most affordable price tags of our alternatives. Below are a few buyer’s reviews. 

Despite its low price, it provides adequate performance. Its high-quality construction, which included polished brass cylinders, gave it a long-lasting and comfortable feel. The nickel-plated bolts appear amazing with how well-crafted and sturdy they appear when installed.

Furthermore, it satisfies the ANSI grade-3 security rating criteria. It has the lowest rating on this scale and is not the most secure bedroom door lock. However, because it maintained my family members and pets when needed, it should provide adequate privacy.

The product’s adjustable round corner latches are also a plus. It enables this door lock to fit most interior and external doors easily. Copper Creek also made sure that each buyer chose six beautiful finishes. 

Pros of Copper Creek 

  • Affordably priced bedroom door lock
  • Brass cylinders and nickel-plated bolts provide high-quality construction.
  • Security rating of ANSI grade 3
  • Most doors can be fitted with adjustable round corner locks.
  • Six different finish options for different room décor

Cons: Instructions that are a little confusing

Probico Square Handles 

Probico Square Handles have a bit more diversity than the majority of the other options. Buyers also have six purchasing options ranging from a 2-pack to a 10-pack. Because of these options, it can meet the needs of the majority of individuals when it comes to doorknob locks. Some buyer’s reviews are as follows;

Of course, if the design is poor, the difference doesn’t matter much. These door knobs are composed of a robust stainless steel substance to address this issue. I don’t see why they couldn’t endure at least a few years.

Another standout aspect is the satin nickel finish. It enables these satin nickel knobs to blend seamlessly into both traditional and modern house designs. It’s just another facet that demonstrates the adaptability and ease of these solutions.

It was also not difficult to lock or unlock these locks. Each one has a regular turn knob on the inside and a keyhole (key included) on the outside. Both alternatives were simple, and I liked how the key was designed.

With a grade-3 ANSI classification, it’s nothing extraordinary regarding security. It should, however, give adequate privacy while keeping out anyone who isn’t committed to entering.

However, some of the bedroom door lock reviews for this option mentioned packaging concerns, which was surprising. Buyers did not receive the correct number of locks in these circumstances.


When it comes to your bedroom, making the entryway secure will assure your safety and provide you with appropriate privacy.

As discussed in the article, you can install the best bedroom door lock if you want to improve your bedroom’s overall security and privacy.

And we’re hoping that by making it easy for you to choose one, we’ll be able to help you.

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