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How To Clean A Bedroom Wall: A Step-By-Step Guide

Bedroom walls are often a cinema in our lives. Pictures, paintings, and other fixtures are often hung on the bedroom wall to showcase our memories. How do you clean a bedroom wall?

Use cleaning tools such as paper towels, sponges, and magic erasers with soap and water to clean a bedroom wall.

Over time, however, these walls will often get dirty from having windows open, having messy kids, or just overall dust and dirt accumulating. It’s essential to keep these walls as clean as possible, both for your health and for the sake of cleanliness.

In this article, we’re going to show you different tools and methods to keep your bathroom walls as clean as possible.

How To Clean A Bedroom Wall

Whether you use soap and water or the magic eraser, we want to make sure you’re cleaning the drywall properly. Especially if there’s a paint finish, cleaning the drywall should be handled delicately.

First, we do not ever want to be forceful when cleaning drywall. Trying to scratch out scuff marks could end up peeling off the paint on the drywall.

When trying to clean scuff marks, we recommend that you try to go back and forth as many times as possible, utilizing the damp areas in the paper towel/magic eraser.

Punching, scraping, or being forceful on the drywall could turn a quick cleaning into long-term damage. Be gentle on the drywall and let the soap and Magic Erasers do the work.

Second, be sure to clean up the mess with a dry paper towel once you’ve finished cleaning the drywall. A wet paper towel, sponge, or Magic Eraser may leave wet streaks if you’re not careful drying the wall after.

Take a dry piece of towel and go over all of the wet marks created by the wet apparatus. Simple go over it once for dry, shining walls that should sparkle once clean.

How To Keep Your Bathroom Walls Clean

Specifically, the bathroom walls we will discuss today are simple drywall with a coat of paint over them. We understand brick and other types of wall fixtures take different measures to clean.

However, in this article, we’ll be focusing specifically on drywall and ways to keep it clean.

Soap & Water

Our first example is pretty much all ordinary households have in their house, and that’s soap and water. If you’re on a budget, we recommend using this way of cleaning the drywall rather than buying any other items on this list.

Gather yourself a roll of paper towels, and use a liquid cleaning agent. Our favorite liquid cleaning agent is Healthier Home painted wall spray.

healthier home for walls

This multi-purpose cleaner is excellent, as it’s effective on any washable surface, and it’s safe on all paint finishes.

If you’re looking to eliminate scuff marks, dirt, dust, or even stains – a few squirts from this bottle will do the trick. This non-toxic VOC-free cleaner is also safe for children and pets.

This spray is also a great alternative if you’re looking to eliminate bad smells such as smelly pets, food, smoke, and garbage odors. We’ve found this spray to be extremely helpful, rather than the traditional soap.

As mentioned, if you’re on a budget, stick to your standard soap. Make sure it’s all-purpose soap, and you’re not using any types of soap that will ruin your walls. If you’re ever in doubt, this spray is a great alternative.

Sponge & Water

The sponge is an excellent substitute for the paper towel, especially if you’re on a budget. Simply buying an all-purpose sponge can help your budget as you’re able to use the sponge over and over again once you’ve finished.

It may seem old school, but we found the old-fashioned sponge is one of the best ways to save money and do the job.


All-purpose sponges can be found here on Amazon for a relatively low price. Keep these sponges in a safe space and utilize them as many times as you need to.

We recommend keeping a sponge for each bedroom. That way, you’re able to get any many uses out of them as possible.

Magic Eraser

If you’re cautious about having soap on your walls, there is an alternative to the bubbles and paper towels.

As most refer to it, the magic eraser is an eraser sponge that can help remove scuff marks and all of the dirty mishaps of cleaning a bedroom wall.

The magic eraser is made by Mr. Clean, a company that is dedicated to keeping houses clean.

Using the magic eraser is super simple and requires mainly three steps.

  1. Wet the sponge until 100% of the sponge is completely wet
  2. Squeeze and ring the sponge out so it’s not dripping with water
  3. Start erasing the scuff and dirt marks that are on the wall.
magic eraser for walls

The Magic Eraser boasts its DURAFOAM cleaning performance is better than leading all-purpose bleach spray. We like to avoid bleach spray and other toxic chemicals, mainly because of the harm to children and animals.

This Magic Eraser states that it has no harsh chemicals added to its product and that adding water is all you’ll need.

We love the Magic Eraser because it’s easy to use, and we can reuse it repeatedly.

If you’re looking to purchase the Magic Eraser, check it out here.

Next Steps

Cleaning a bedroom wall requires a sponge or some cleaning cloth. Dampen or wet the cleaning cloth and wipe the stains off of the wall.

Cleaning bedroom walls should be done every week. Add cleaning walls to your cleaning regimen, especially if you have kids or animals.

Also, if you enjoy the cool breeze on a spring or summer day, dirt and dust can accumulate over time. To keep these pesky allergens out of your home, we recommend frequent cleaning.

Taking 15-20 minutes a day to clean your bedroom walls can prevent build-up from bugs such as spiders as well.

Keep a clean and healthy bedroom wall by using the provided tools and live a clean lifestyle.

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