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Are Smart Bins Worth It? Here’s The Truth!

Smart trash bins are designed to identify different types of waste. A smart system placed inside the container uses image recognition, sensors, and artificial intelligence to recognize junk.

It also comprises IoT-enabled sensors that help indicate if the bin is full or not and help modify the waste schedule accordingly. The intelligent safety sensors installed in it help stop compaction if a hand is detected.

This article will show the different features of the smart bin and why this kitchen appliance may be worth it.

Smart Bins

If the fire is detected, it will alert the monitoring station and automatically start extinguishing the fire. Smart bins are more effective at schools, airports, beaches, parks, and malls. They are instrumental in big cities.

Below are some features of a smart bin:

1. A communication module allows notifications to be sent if any issues or the bin needs to be emptied.

2. A solar panel that provides a stable source of energy for the bin.

3. Enclosed design helps prevent pests from having an entrance in the bin and slow down the decomposition of the waste in the bin.

4. The compactor is a device that reads the waste bins/fill level and causes automatic compaction of the waste; this effectively increases the bin’s capacity by up to 5-8 times. As a result, the compactor can hold a great deal more waste to avoid overflow.  The compaction system runs on a battery charged by the solar panel.

5. Self-sealing and self detecting trash overloads. Smart trash bins will let you know when it’s time to change it, rather than having to check after frequent use.

How Does a Smart Bin Work­­?

First, the waste is placed in the container, and the sensor majors the capacity of the container. The compactor then compresses the trash to create more space in the bin.

Lastly, notifications are sent through SMS or email when the smart bin is full and needs to be emptied.

Why Do You Need a Smart Bin?

In the past years, houses, offices, cars, and home appliances have changed. Technology has made them better easier and safer than before. However, it is evident that our waste management systems aren’t working, consumption and waste production are consistently high.

Plastics and other biodegradable materials pollute our environment .non-recyclable materials are often put in recycle, thus added to landfills. All this makes bin management a time-consuming task.

Every year, the government and large companies spend financial resources on waste management without achieving 100 percent efficiency. Sometimes the bins are placed in the wrong places around the city, or ways of collection and frequency are poorly planned.

Smart bins have been created to address this problem.

Are Smart Trash Bins Worth It?

Here is the truth, Instead of recycling bins, smart bins have advantages that make them worth buying.

Compared to traditional bins, Smart trash bins helps to reduce the number of dumpsters around the town. In addition, smart bins take up less space on the footpath, making it easier for people to move around the city.

Smart bins are eco-friendly. It helps in reducing the need for collection visits, thereby reducing labor costs, lowering the emission of carbon dioxide and other gasses, reducing fuel. As a result, the streets are cleaner, safer, and have a more hygienic environment.

With the help of the compactor, bin capacity is maximized, allowing you to keep more waste in the bin; This is not possible with traditional bins.

Smart trash bins have been made so that they can be emptied using existing collection equipment.

Smart bins reduce the wastage of plastic bags. It has been noticed that 50-90 percent of traditional bins are emptied before they are full, so money is wasted on plastic bags all the time.

Smart bins help reduce labor time, human resources, and money used in checking if bins are full or not. Smart bins enable you or the cleaning team to see the bin’s capacity; they won’t empty them when they contain little waste. In addition, smart bins can check their capacity.

So, you will be notified before the bin overflows; This also means you can track and analyze bin capacity over a particular period.

Countries such as Singapore, Poland, and South Korea that uses smart bins have been able to monitor the level of waste in each bin around their cities more efficiently.

Best Smart Bins To Purchase

Smart bins are flooding the market. It’s becoming harder and harder to find a quality smart bin that you can rely on while also not breaking the bank.

Below are the smart bins that we recommend to instantly make your kitchen a smarter and more helpful place regarding waste.

TowNew T1S Smart Trash Bin

smart trash bin

This smart trash bin is built to help your waste management needs. Load up the trash bag with the self-sealing and self-replacing features.

Powered by a 2000mAh battery, the TowNew Smart bin only needs 5 hours of charging to last for 50 days.

The smart features detect trash overloads, automatically lift the cover when you throw something away, and tightly seal everything in so the smell doesn’t leak out.

Next Steps

Smart bins are just the beginning of smart appliances that you can purchase to improve the quality and ease of your day-to-day use.

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