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Best Kitchen Appliances For 2023 For A Trendy Kitchen

Spending all our time at home during 2020 has made us keenly aware of how well or how badly our kitchen appliances function.

The designers and engineers at significant manufacturers considered it too. They developed smarter appliances that help us wash our hands, allow for wireless and touch-free connectivity, and clean our homes while we spend our time working in them.

Best Kitchen AppliancesBenefitsLink
illy X7.1 Coffee MachineInexpensive professional coffee machineView Prices
CORSIsmart WiFi air fryerLarge capacity Wi-Fi connectedView Prices
RevolutionCooking R180 Touchscreen ToasterTouch screen Innovative and high-techView Prices
NutribulletWell-known brand Superb for healthy dietsView Prices
Inkbird ISV-100WClear indicators Very accurateView Prices
SIMBRs Indoor Herb Garden KitEco-friendly Large growth capacityView Prices
iRobot Roomba 692Affordable Completely hands-freeView Prices
Securasoap dispenserBattery-powered Allows easy for easy hand washingView Prices

The above is a brief overview of today’s new and innovative kitchen appliances.

Some are much more intriguing than others, but we’ve tried to accommodate a vast audience to ensure everyone can find something to upgrade their kitchen.

Best Kitchen Appliances For 2023

If you want a more in-depth review of the above products, I suggest reading the below.

1. Coffee Maker

After being stuck indoors all year, one of the things we have all missed is coffee. Proper coffee, with frothy milk and that fantastic taste you can’t get with instant, this stylish illy X7.1 Iperespresso Machine does it all.

Inspired by the iconic designs of 1960s Italy, its beauty goes far beyond aesthetics by combining looks with seamlessly integrated soft-touch buttons that are delightfully simple to use.

This coffee maker will show you step by step through the process, allow you to customize your preferences, and alerts you when it needs decalcifying. Its daily clean-up is no hassle as well.

Its easy-to-use recyclable capsules make your morning routine effortless, and they’re one of the best-tasting on the market.

Just pop one in and have bold, rich coffee with no lines, no waiting, and no hefty price tag. Then there’s the unusual pod system itself; unlike other machines, the X7.1 blows convention out of the water.

Instead of popping the pods in a slot near the top, the X7.1 system lets you lock the coffee into the machine like a professional.

Excellent rich, strong-tasting coffeeA little wide in footprint on the countertop  
Attractive materialsThe machine’s interface could be clearer  
Nifty steam wand for cappuccinos and lattesInstructions are a little confusing
You can program your coffee so the machine remembers your preferencesHave to wait for the steamer to cool before using it again
Stylish retro appearanceHard to see when the indicator stops flashing

2. Air Fryer

Nothing beats the taste and crunch of fried foods. But it’s equally valid that eating tons of bread, fries, or fried chicken, crisped in traditional oil, is appalling for your health. Why do all the best-tasting foods have to be so wrong?!

An air fryer is simply an energy-efficient, fast-cooking convection oven that’s small enough to fit on your counter and uses heated air to give your food that deep-fried effect—making air fryers a healthier alternative to a traditional fryer. 

Air fryers can deliver delicious and fast-cooked food, taking up about the same space as a larger blender or bread maker. Though air fryers have been around for over a decade, the CORSIsmart Wi-Fi air fryer has changed the game. 

You can hook it up to Alexa or Google, and the ability to connect to the VeSync app via Wi-Fi is a feature you never knew you needed. The app has hundreds of recipes, gives you step-by-step instructions for making meals, and controls the settings, all from your phone.

You can even program what time of day you want your meal cooked, providing all the ingredients are safe at room temperature; pop them in, and this air fryer will take care of the rest. 

Find a complete review of Cosori Air Fryers Here.

Large capacityManually set time and temperature
Dishwasher safeVoice control feels unnecessary
Wi-Fi connectedManual buttons can get stuck
Cooks quicklyCan be loud

3. Toaster

Toast hasn’t changed in the past 100 years, until now. Standard toasters, for years, have been using the same coils to heat and dehydrate your bread, and it’s just not good enough.

Not this toaster; this is an intelligent toaster with new technology that sears the outside of your bread while retaining its soft, warm, and moist insides. 

With brand-new InstaGLO technology, you can toast 35% quicker than the leading premium toaster and lock in 30% more moisture.

The RevolutionCooking R180 Touchscreen Toaster is revolutionary on the inside; the outside is beautiful and looks so elegant on the counter.

The thing that stands out against other toasters is the touch screen; it’s simple to use and offers 63 options in

just three easy taps! Pick the type of bread, choose fresh, frozen, or reheat, and what level of toastiness, and have the perfect slice of toast. And it doesn’t just do toast; it does bagels, English muffins, waffles, croissants, etc. 

Get rid of cranking levers, hard-to-read dials, and buttons that get stuck; this is the new standard all other toasters will have to live up to.

Auto lift and power technologyCost
Easy to cleanIt doesn’t cater to larger slices of bread
Simple to useResets the time and date when unplugged
Countdown and timer display 
UL tested and certified to the highest standards. 

4. Blender

We all know the benefits of eating a balanced diet, but it’s not always been easy until now. Nutribullet is the original nutrient extractor that quickly, safely, and conveniently gets the most out of your daily fruits and vegetables. Not by eating them but by drinking them.

The Nutribullet is a breakthrough for anyone looking to improve their overall health and wellbeing with nutrition. The power behind this personal blender is the 600w which breaks down fruit, vegetables, and even nuts into a smooth, delicious, nutrient-packed smoothie.

Combine that with Nutribullet’s cyclonic action, which forces all the food down into the extractor blades; it pulverizes everything you put.

It’s super simple to use. Load the tall cup, place it on the high torque power base, and twist and lock it into place. Its high-performance, BPA-free plastic cups are durable, environmentally friendly, and easy to clean.

Merely twist off the blade and clean it with soap and water.

Take charge of your well-being and feel the enormous benefits that natural, nutrition-extracted whole food can have on your health.

It breaks down food entirelyCups not plastic-free
It takes up little spaceOnly one year warranty
Cups and lids are dishwasher safe 

5. Precision Cooker

Sous vide (or precision cooker) machines are no longer only used by professional chefs in fancy restaurants. Home cooks seeking a new way to add flavor to their favorite meals can now use sous vide.

Individuals just beginning their culinary journey will appreciate that foods prepared using this method are impossible to overcook. The Inkbird ISV-100W has an incredibly accurate temperature.

This precision cooker is a 1000-watt sous vide with Wi-Fi capability. Complete with the Inkbird Smart app, you’ll be able to operate and observe your sous vide remotely. You can also control the Inkbird sous vide right on the device itself.

It is also possible to get precise cooking times and temperatures through the control panel. While you’re not required to use the app, it is intuitive and available on iPhone and Android and includes some recipes.

Compact and quiet, you can slide it into a draw when you’re not using it, and you can’t hear it when you are. 

Remote Wi-Fi ControlInstructions could be clearer
AccurateQuite tall
Can manually calibrate temperature 
Effective pot clamp 
Alerts when the water level is too low 

6. Smart Herb Garden 

Here’s a scenario most home cooks find themselves in: you’ve decided on the dish you want to cook this evening, and as you scroll down the recipe, it calls for fresh herbs.

Whether it’s mint, oregano, coriander, or basil, you’ve not planned and reached for the jar of dried herbs. It’ll do, but it never feels quite as fancy. In your head, you know that Thomas Keller would have a flourishing herb garden ready for picking, making every dish he creates flavorful and elevated. 

SIMBRs Indoor Herb Garden Kit is here to save you from the shame of dried herbs. This hydroponic system means you don’t have to deal with soil on your kitchen counters and the pests that like to live in them.

Its 4L tank lasts up to 30 days and is equipped with a water pump to oxygenate the water periodically. 

This kit is pretty roomy, with space to grow 12 plants, so you’ll never run out of fresh herbs. This kit isn’t affected by sunlight as it has it all built-in.

Different light spectrums encourage plants to flower & fruit or grow vegetables. All this technology can be set on a timer; when the house sleeps, so does it.

It’s also a great addition to a home with kids because the setup is simple; it may get them involved with more cooking if they grow what they eat.

Plant 12 plants at the same timeMarks on the water level could be clearer
Easy setup and maintenanceSeedlings take a little longer to get going
Regular aeration 

7. Robot Vacuum

People from all walks of life can agree that vacuuming the house is a tedious, neverending task. And it doesn’t seem to matter how many times a day you clean; the floor will always have dirt on it.

Somewhere, somehow filth finds its way onto your floors. Roombas have been saving us from the annoyance of vacuuming our floors for a while; with the iRobot Roomba 692, you can now have one without breaking the bank. 

The Roomba 692 is an excellent step in automating your housework, as the new app allows you to schedule daily cleans that work around your life.

Its adaptive navigation technology uses sensors to help it navigate corners, edges, and furniture effortlessly. It will also help keep a clean floor and eliminate the ants in your kitchen.

 This is significant because the Roomba 692 can efficiently provide clean rooms rather than roam in a haphazard pattern — much like bots that rely on the old bump-and-move navigation.

And there is no need to run off and hunt for your vacuum cleaner with this version, as it has a 90-minute run time and will take itself back to its charging port.

AffordableStruggles with ultra-fine debris on deep piles
Great cleaning performanceThe bristle brush needs more maintenance
90-minute run timeNo mapping
WiFi-enabled controls 

8. Automatic Soap Dispenser

2020 was the year everything changed, and we all learned the importance of washing our hands regularly. Automatic soap dispensers are not just new and fancy-looking but highly convenient.

The most important advantage of an automated soap dispenser is you can use it without touching it, which eliminates a common point of contact and means fewer bacteria and cleaner surfaces for longer. 

They’re also handy for children as they deliver a standardized dose of soap with each pretty convenient use.

This Secura soap dispenser has a decent capacity of 17 oz. Its overall design is sophisticated, adding a simple yet luxurious element to your kitchen.

Plus, with the transparent body, you can match the color of your soap with the rest of your kitchen. 

You can mount the dispenser on the wall or hang it on the countertop, whichever makes it easier.

There is also an option to adjust the amount of soap you need to your taste. Keep clean hands and clean the kitchen by getting these products.

The Secura dispenser is battery-operated, which means you can place it right in the eye-line of anyone with grubby hands. 

It can be placed anywhereQuite big
Clear front for different colored soapsNeed to add water to some soaps
2-year warranty 


Now that you’re familiar with the best kitchen appliances for 2021, there’s still more to learn.

We’ve compiled a complete list of frequently asked kitchen questions for new and experienced homeowners.

Our team of experts answers these questions to help assist you through DIY projects and home repairs.