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Are Bedrooms Above Garages Safe?

In modern housing, bedrooms can be built directly on top of the garages. Having this setup allows homeowners to have more room for living rooms, kitchens, and other guest-dominated rooms. It also allows for the master bedroom to be significantly larger, without taking up floor space on the main part of the house.

Having a bedroom that’s directly above the garage is safe. Noise from everyday garage work may disrupt the homeowner in the morning, but there’s no risk of having a bedroom over the garage.

On top of saving space, having a bedroom directly above the garage is private and separate from the main part of the house. This allows homeowners to seclude their personal belongings from house guests, privacy if they have a guest staying over, and more storage space in the house.

However, there are some concerns that we’re going to cover in the article in having a bedroom above the garage. We detail all of the different factors that could affect your sleep and health from having a bedroom over a garage.

Is Having a Bedroom Above The Garage Safe?

bedroom above garage

Having a bedroom above the garage is safe. Building a bedroom above a garage wouldn’t be regulated if it wasn’t safe. Homebuilder codes and regulations inspect all health hazards before actually building a home.

There are, however, a few things that should be noted before actually building or purchasing a home with the master bedroom above the garage. Most of these options are unknown, or an afterthought soon after purchasing a home.

Most of these options have to do with 2 or more people living in the household. So if you’re a solo homeowner, most of these items below may not apply to you.

Garage Opening

First and foremost is the garage opening and closing. Whether the garage is electric or spring operated, the sound of a garage door is loud and typically will shake the bedroom.

If you’re one to go to bed early, but your spouse either works late or likes to enjoy his weekend, the garage door is almost certain to wake you up every-time.

Sleep is valuable for the body to restore itself back to full strength. Consistently having a garage door interrupt your sleep cycle could be damaging to your long term health. Consider the garage door consistently opening and closing to be a factor when purchasing a home with a bedroom above the garage.

Power Tools

If you or your spouse likes to use power tools for DIY projects in the garage, this could also pose a threat to naps or private time in the bedroom. Consistently hearing the sound of a power saw or hammers pounding on a bench will interrupt any activity.

If you’re not one to nap or even go in the bedroom during the day, having a master bedroom above the garage may not be a bad idea. However, if you like your peace and quiet during the day, power tools and other garage noise may interrupt the experience.

Heat In The Summer

In the summer months, due to the poor insulation of the garage, it will typically be hotter than any other room in the house. Cold air escapes quickly as it’s filled by the outside heat.

Naturally, heat rises, which will make roughly a 5-degree difference in the bedroom above the garage. If the bedroom has AC or fans, it will consistently be battling the heat from rising, as naturally, the garage will be hot.

Heat in the summertime should be taken into consideration, as well as cold air in the wintertime. If the garage is constantly left open in the spring and fall months, cold air could sneak into the house and bedroom.

Chemicals If Poorly Insulated

This reason is the main one that scares homeowners from purchasing a house with a bedroom above the garage.

In the winter and fall months, it’s common to heat up cars so they’re not ice cold upon entering. Cards produce carbon monoxide from the engine, which is disposed of out of the tailpipe.

These fumes are believed to seep into the bedroom if the bedroom is very poorly insulated. We first and foremost recommend you check with the building inspector to make sure the house is insulated properly.

It’s recommended to never back up into the garage, having the tailpipe facing inwards. The tailpipe should always be facing outwards, so when the car is started, the CO2 will be funneled outside.

Also, having CO2 sensors installed in the bedroom just to take extra precautions. This normally isn’t an issue, but for homeowners that are concerned, we always say on the side of caution.


Bedrooms above the garages are typically safe. We do recommend you meet with the building or housing inspector to make sure the house is properly insulated. Fumes from cars or other tools used in the garage shouldn’t pose a threat to clean and healthy living.

We do recommend, you make sure everything is clear before making a purchasing decision on a garage below a bedroom.

If you’re a light sleeper, the garage below a bedroom may not be the best for you. All the distractions of power tools, the garage opening, and closing, and general garage activity, could deeply impact your sleep.

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