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How To Remodel a Bedroom On a Budget

Bedrooms seem to be the rooms that people remodel last. But why? Living and entertainment areas are seen and used by more people, so homeowners want to make them stylish and functional. On the other hand, guests seldom see bedrooms and are often neglected as a result. 

But your bedroom is your special place. It can and should be a peaceful sanctuary tailored to your particular style and needs. As a bonus, a bedroom is one of the cheapest rooms in the house to remodel!

Remodel your room for free by rearranging the furniture and removing unused items. For $200-$500, you can buy color-coordinated linen, curtains, and rugs. You can upgrade your lighting for another $20-$50. $100-$300 will repaint and decorate your room stylishly. The three most expensive areas are furniture, floors, and closets, but there are ways to fit these into your budget, too. 

You can remodel your bedroom for $0-$3,000. The three most expensive aspects of a bedroom remodel are replacing furniture, flooring, or closets. However, there are ways to avoid replacing these, and there are more affordable options if you can’t avoid them.

Remodeling Your Bedroom On A Budget

Below, we will show you how to remodel your bedroom on a budget.

Rearrange Your Bedroom

Rearranging your room is the fastest way to give it a fresh look. Increasing floor space will open up the room and give it a peaceful feel, so remove new pieces of furniture. Decluttering surfaces will also help. Donate or discard any items you don’t. 

The layout of your room needs to make sense. Put your bed against the main wall. Ensure that there is an easy walking path all around your room. Make sure your closets can open fully and easily without hitting another piece of furniture.

If you have a desk and chair in your bedroom, situate these as far from your bed as possible to create different zones. These zones are more aesthetically pleasing, and they help maintain balance and improve sleep hygiene.

Also, think about Feng Shui in the room to add more dynamics to it.

Change Your Linen, Curtains, And Rugs

Bedrooms can quickly end up with mismatched and outdated linen, curtains, and carpets. When this happens, you have to contend with clashes of style and color, which impair the whole room’s look. 

New, color-coordinated sheets, pillowcases, and a duvet will make a noticeable difference. Add a new set of curtains, a plush or patterned carpet, and some throw pillows, and you’ve got your five-star hotel room. All of this can cost less than $200! For another $200, you could get a different color scheme and a second complete look for your room. 

Neutral colors will work well with any décor and style, but it’s always fun to have pops of color. Rugs can create a further sense of separation for the different zones in your room.

Change Lighting

Changing the lighting in your room can give atmosphere and dimension to your room without emptying your pockets. The color and amount of light in your room are essential to the appearance and feel of the room.

If you don’t have a bedside lamp, you can buy one for $50-$100. If you have a bedside lamp, but it’s a little sad, replace the lampshade for $20-$50. You can spend a bit more changing your main light fitting or installing sconce bedside lights if your budget allows. 

Task lighting by a reading nook or desk can make your room an area where you can pass a blissful evening or finish a last-minute assignment. 

Mirrors can enhance the natural light and make your bedroom appear brighter and more spacious. Additionally, a standing mirror adds functionality and style to your room for less than $200.

Paint And Decorate The Walls

This part is fun and affordable. Pick a color scheme to bring cohesion to your room, from your walls to your floors and your linen to your décor.

Painting your bedroom wall with neutral colors gives it a clean look, and you can jazz it up with a bold statement wall. Furthermore, dark and small rooms feel brighter and more spacious with light-colored walls.

Decorate your walls according to your style and color scheme. Clocks and framed photos are pretty and personal and won’t cost as much as the artwork. Although, if you have a talented friend, you can make a special birthday request! 

Decorate your surfaces. Remember, you don’t have to fill a shelf for it to be decorated. You can add shelf space and break up the solid color by installing a few floating shelves for less than $30. Add pops of color with fake plants and ornaments. 

Buy New Furniture

Replacing your bedroom furniture can get expensive, but there are ways to bring down the costs. 

Can you refurbish your furniture instead? You may be surprised at what good sanding and refinishing can do! A good trick with furniture is to refinish it in the same color or style. If you need new furniture, try to find refurbished secondhand items or items to remodel yourself. You can also make new tables and a headboard out of pallets.

Replace your mattress instead of your whole bed, sell your current bed, and put the money towards a new bed.

Try to buy multi-purpose furniture. For example, you can buy a trunk for the end of your bed that acts as a seat and a storage unit. 

Install New Floors

Please don’t take up your flooring unless it’s damaged. Replacing flooring is expensive. If your floor is a little worn or stained, instead cover the blemishes with a well-placed rug. If you are lucky enough to have hardwood floors, they can be given new life with a sander and a tub of varnish. If you do the work for yourself, you can also save money. 

If you need to put new flooring in, ceramic tiles or laminate flooring can be cheap, durable, and look good. They aren’t the warmest or softest surfaces, but rugs can help with that too. Of these two options, laminate flooring may work out the cheapest because you can easily install it yourself.

If you are adamant you want to have hardwood floors in your bedroom, consider buying packs of builder-grade hardwood flooring. These are un-finished boards, and there may be a few in the batch that you can’t use, but it is natural wood for a lower price. 

Add New Closets And Storage

Overflowing closets and clutter can ruin the aesthetic of the room. If your closet space is limited, invest in some pretty and covered storage baskets or buy bins that can slide underneath your bed.

If you have the floor space, you can buy a chest of drawers for $70-$100 or build a set for less. 

You can use your closet space more efficiently by stacking shelves and containers.

Use bigger containers to store things neatly on the high shelves and smaller containers to hold your socks and undergarments if you have no drawer to keep them in. 

Find the storage item below here on Amazon.

If your closet is in good condition, but you don’t like the finish, stain or paint the doors to match the rest of your furniture and paint or replace the hardware.

You can achieve this transformation for less than $100. Another trick is to add strips of wood to the doors to give them a paneled look. 

If you have to replace your closet, research the most affordable but reliable professional to install it. This does not have to be a specialized closet business; it can be a free-lance carpenter. You may save if you buy the materials at cost and then pay a carpenter only for the labor. 

Closets can cost up to $3,000 if you hire a professional. You can build them for less if you have the necessary DIY skills to do the work yourself.  

Next Steps

Bedrooms are the most accessible and most affordable rooms to remodel. You can transform a bedroom by simply rearranging the furniture and buying new linen. A further few enhancements of lighting, paint, and décor will create a stylish sanctuary just for you. 

Setting a color palette and refinishing all the furniture in the same or complementing shades will bring unity to your bedroom at a minimal cost. If you have to replace furniture, source secondhand items to refurbish.

If you have to replace the flooring, choose something yourself install. If you have to replace your closets, do your homework and find the most affordable professional.

We’ve compiled a complete list of frequently asked bedroom questions for new and experienced homeowners.

Our team of experts answers these questions to help assist you through DIY projects and home repairs.

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