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How To Put A Fitted Sheet On Your Bed

By Robin Hatch

August 28, 2022

Don’t dread changing the bed sheets ever again. Your battles are over. The truth is that changing the sheets shouldn’t wear you out to exhaustion. Make a long-awaited peace treaty between your sheets and bed.

Did you know there is a secret to putting a fitted sheet on a bed? Yes, even a King-sized bed or one pushed up against a wall. You’ve had your last battle between you and the bed sheet, wondering how to put a fitted sheet on your bed without frustration.

The secret is so easy it may have you shaking your head, wondering why you never knew about it sooner. Locate the tag sewn into the inside of the sheets.

Once you have the sheet tag in your hand, understand that the sewn-in sheet tag always goes on the bottom right or the top left, your choice. Starting with the right corner makes all the difference in taking control of changing sheets with ease instead of dread and an exhausting task that takes all afternoon.

Before we get into the process, we must understand the basics. Know what a fitted sheet is and how to find the proper size for your bed.

What Is A Fitted Sheet?

Fitted Sheet

Usually, a fitted sheet is sewn with elastic to form four pockets. One pocket goes on each of the bed’s four corners to help it stay snugly in place on the mattress. A fitted sheet sometimes has elastic on two sides or around the entire sheet.

Make sure you have a sheet designed for the size of the mattress you are using.

Select the Right Size Sheet

Sheets are labeled according to the size of the bed and the mattress height. If you have a Queen sized bed, you will need to fit it with Queen-sized sheets. Similarly, if you have a King, Double, Full, or Twin sized bed. 

However, only considering what size of the mattress isn’t enough. Measure the bed for thickness and choose the best sheets to use on that specific mattress. Mattresses also vary in thickness. Fitted sheets come in different depths to match.

Low-profile mattresses are 5 inches high or less. Extra-thick mattresses measure 16 inches or more in height. Standard fitted sheets are challenging to fit on an extra-thick mattress. Similarly, deep-pocket sheets will be too big for a low-profile bed mattress.

How To Put On A Fitted Sheet

With the appropriately sized sheet ready to go, it’s time to learn how to quickly and easily put on a fitted sheet.

Pro tip: It’s easier if two people are helping each other fit the sheet to the bed.

Follow these 10 easy steps:

  1. Start with a clear and de-cluttered mattress. Clear the bed of everything, including pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals.
  2. To help line up the long sides of the sheet along the long sides of the mattress, locate the tag sewn into the inside of the sheet. With the tag in hand, position it toward the bottom right corner of the bed. Alternatively, you could start with the tag at the top left.
  3. Spread the sheet flat on top of the mattress, keeping the tag near either the bottom right or the top left corner. Another tip is to buy striped sheets so you always know the proper direction to fit the sheets.
  4. Grab the corner of the sheet with the tag, and fit it over the bottom right corner or top left corner of the mattress. Tuck it securely under the selected corner of the mattress. If the sheet has a seam on the corner section, line it up to the top of the mattress.
  5. After the right bottom, or top left corner, is secure, slide your hand along the long side of the sheet until you reach the opposite end of the bed, either the foot or the head, depending on which corner you choose to start. Some people suggest moving to the corner diagonal next to prevent the first corner from coming loose.
  6. Tuck the corner piece over the second corner on the opposite end of the bed.
  7. With part of the sheet in hand, walk to the third corner of the bed. Slip the fitted pocket of the sheet over the mattress corner.
  8. With three corners tucked into place, pull the sheet to fit the final corner of the bed. Tuck the sheet under the fourth mattress corner.
  9. Smooth the sheet as you walk around the bed, ensuring all corners stay tucked securely under the mattress.
  10. Step back, admire your work, and get ready to enjoy good sleep.

Tips for Keeping Sheet in Place

Even though the sheet is secured correctly, sometimes they tend to slip off. If this happens frequently, try one of these helpful tips:

Add Friction

Add some friction by using a mattress protector.

Use Sheet Straps

Secure the corners with sheet straps. Sheet straps clip onto the corners of the sheet under the mattress.

Choose The Right Fabric

Choosing sheets of different fabrics can make the difference between staying put and slipping off. Cotton, for instance, tends to be less slippery than silk or satin sheets.

Sheet Care and Maintenance

Now that you know the secret to secure fitted sheets, ensure you care for them by washing them regularly. Good Housekeeping Institute suggests that the longest you should wait before changing out your sheets is two weeks.

Prevent wear and tear by rotating the sheets. Sometimes put the tag tucked under the top left corner and sometimes on the bottom right. 

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