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How To Decorate & Design A Bedroom With Ease

A house is defined as a structure for human habitation. A bedroom supports an integral part of human life and health: sleep. The question now is how the decorations and design contribute to this space’s support for better life quality. 

The decoration and design of a bedroom play a significant role in how well a bedroom can serve its function adequately as a space for people to sleep in. A bedroom is essentially the space wherein you start and end your day, and because of this, it should support your day-to-day activities and habits. 

This article will be going into how bedrooms are used, designed, and decorated. From there, we’ll be delving into how you can determine the best way to maximize your current bedroom.

Read on if you want to learn more about bedrooms, the design practices, and the design principles you can easily apply to make your bedroom better. 

An average person sleeps for around a third of their life. Most of this sleeping time is spent inside their bedrooms. 

Bedrooms are one of the most used spaces by people throughout their lifetime. Hopefully, this information helps you realize how important it is to have a well-designed and well-decorated bedroom. 

How To Design A Bedroom

This article will assume that you currently already have a bedroom and that you’ll be redesigning/ renovating it.

Designing something from the ground up or redesigning something requires two completely different approaches, and for this article, we’ll be going into the latter. 

Firstly, you need to assess what activities should be done in a bedroom. A bedroom is usually a place used by most people for relaxation. Remember also that a bedroom is where you start and end your day. 

From here, you have to determine what kind of habits you currently have and determine what type of habits you should ideally have.

This can range from getting up and freshening up quicker in the morning to having a better sleep quality in the evening.

When it comes to designing spaces, there are no right or wrong answers. Instead, it’s only a question of what you prioritize. 

Bedroom Accessories

Listed down below are the essential parts of a bedroom that you need to consider. Like the one below, creating a table is a good exercise, especially when designing and decorating, because it lists down the things you want from these parts of your bedroom. 

Architects use this sort of methodology on a more macro-scale when designing buildings as a general guideline.

Having a set of pre-determined requirements helps you navigate the different opportunities and options that come up during redesigning and redecorating. 

Below is an example of how you can use “taking things into inventory” to better determine how you can go about designing and decorating your bedroom. 

BedThe bed should be perpendicular to the windows so that the morning light doesn’t directly hit your eyes. The bed should be reasonably sized while still allowing other fixtures/ furniture pieces. The bed should not be seen from an open door(privacy).
Bedside TableThe bedside table should be capable of storing X, Y, Z. The bedside table should be near an outlet. To be used as a stand for lights, charging phones, laptops, etc. 

Note: This table only contains the essential and bare minimum parts of a functioning bedroom. Use it as an example when planning your space to develop a bedroom design that serves its intended function. It’s better to get the functional part of designing addressed first before aesthetics. 

The Process Of Designing A Bedroom

Once you’ve taken the preliminary design into account, we can now begin the actual design process. Below is a step-by-step guide along with brief explanations as to how you can go about designing your bedroom. 

Have Your Inventory Ready 

Have your inventory ready by taking into account what’s already inside your bedroom. You take into account your space’s inventory so that you can determine your limitations when it comes to redesigning it.

Aside from your current inventory, like physical appliances, you have to consider the existing space available inside your bedroom. This will determine what capacity you can add new things to your bedroom.

Identify What You Want To Design

Now that you have a complete picture of what you want from your bedroom, what you currently have, and the potential space for improvement or change within your bedroom.

You can now determine what actions you can take to improve your bedroom. Having the bigger picture and the complete pieces of the puzzle gives you an idea of the possibilities in redesigning your space. 

It’s a good practice to begin designing the floor layout first because it determines the movement within the space. Think of it as the fundamental aspect of the functionality of a space.  

Make Your Final Decision

Once you come up with a list of opportunities and design options, you should begin to whittle those down into the design options you will implement.

Remember that you determined the priorities you want from your bedroom in your preliminary assessment. Always use this as a basis when making your decisions.

A common conflict comes from choosing between what looks better and works better.

For example, a bed may look better if oriented towards a window to frame a view, but it may also end up causing sleeping issues since the bed will be directly hit by light. 

Of course, design interventions, such as a simple curtain, can fix this type of issue, but the idea remains that design decisions may come with some issues you need to address. 

Start Designing

The only thing left to do now is to execute what you’ve planned throughout the process. In this article so far, we’ve gone into the aspect of redesigning and redecorating your bedroom.

This is to say that your options are fairly limited since we’re assuming that you’re maximizing your current setup. 

Designing a Bedroom From Scratch

The difference between redesigning a bedroom you currently own and designing one from scratch is the number of opportunities and the number of decisions you’ll have to make. The process stays more or less the same. 

Most people face the biggest challenge when designing a bedroom from scratch because they don’t know what they want.

It’s quite overwhelming to have so many choices that all may seem good and be sure that the decision you made was the best one.

The best way to beat this is to refer back to what was mentioned earlier in the article, do a preliminary assessment of what you want, and then use it as a guiding principle when making your decisions.

For example, something as simple as choosing your bedroom’s room size already poses a challenge for some homeowners.

In this scenario, the best thing to evaluate the available spaces allotted for your rooms. From there, determine which rooms are the most important, the bedroom, for example, and begin planning what exactly you’ll be putting into the bedroom and what you plan on doing inside your bedroom.

It’s a good practice to size your spaces using this basis to avoid inefficient space usage.

Designing And Decorating

Once you’ve established that everything is where it needs to be, that’s when you can begin experimenting with the decorations and the aesthetic design of your bedroom.

The design process began with determining how to make your bedroom capable of meeting all the requirements you set for it. Now you can stylize it to fit in with what you want.

When it comes to visually designing your bedroom, the important thing to remember is to ensure that you’re sticking to a certain aesthetic.

Sticking with only one style may sound dogmatic, but unless you’re an interior designer, it’s the most surefire way to ensure that your bedroom looks visually appealing. 

As stated earlier, there is no right or wrong when it comes to design. Since bedrooms are such a personal and private space, you should design a design that fits your personal taste. 

Next Steps

Learn more about decorating your bedroom below.

Designing spaces can be a stressful and complicated task. It’s not easy to know if what you’re doing is right or if what you’re doing is wrong.

The best way to design and decorate a bedroom is to determine what you want first and foremost before you have the options laid out before you.

We’ve compiled a complete list of frequently asked bedroom questions for new and experienced homeowners.

Our team of experts answers these questions to help assist you through DIY projects and home repairs.

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