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Where To Buy a Cosori Air Fryer – Complete Review

Air fryers have become a staple kitchen appliance in many households worldwide. They bring a healthier, convenient, faster method of cooking into the home.

With the introduction of smart air fryers, these units have become integral parts of many households with the convenience of remote control. There are many brands of air fryers available, but we will be reviewing one of our favorite brands today.

The Cosori Air Fryer is a modern appliance that offers many features that make it one of the most sought-after air fryers.

Convenient features such as the shake reminder and the keep warm function are helpful on the Cosori Air Fryers. One-touch operation and 11 presets for various foods help to make the unit easy to use.

Air fryers and becoming a firm favorite in the kitchen and are taking the place of many other older technology devices such as the microwave.

If you are looking for a healthier way to cook foods with less oil and fat, then an air fryer is what you need, and the Cosori range of air fryers will offer you a model that fits your cooking space and convenience requirements.

The Cosori Air Fryer Features

An air fryer is essentially an intelligent countertop convection cooker. The cooking is achieved by using evenly circulated super-heated air, which cooks your food efficiently and in a way that benefits your health.

The health benefits result from the cooking method using hot air instead of cooking in hot oils or fats. This means that you can cool with 85% less fat with an air fryer, particularly when cooking deep-fried foods.

Cosori Air Fryer

The Cosori range of air fryers comes with advanced features that make it a go-to appliance in your kitchen.

One-Touch Operation

The Cosori air fryers are easy to operate with their one-touch operation that gets you cooking without the need to punch in complicated programs and timings.

You don’t need to be a computer programmer to operate this air fryer, press the appropriate button, and you are cooking!

11 Preset Cooking Functions

Many people think that air fryers are only suitable for cooking traditionally deep-fried foods, which is a misconception.

You can cook a single dish, or your entire meal in the air fryer, from your proteins to your veggies and desserts.

The Cosori air fryers come standard with 11 preset programs for cooking steak, chicken, seafood, shrimp, bacon, frozen foods, French fries, vegetables, root vegetables, desserts, and even bread.

Shake Reminder

The Cosori air fryers come with a shake reminder function built-in.

This setting will remind you to give your food a shake in the cooking basket to ensure all the food is cooked evenly and is completely done at the end of the cooking cycle.

Warming Function

This is a neat function that will keep your food warm if you wait for your guests to arrive or eat your meal a little later.

The keep-warm function will keep your food warm without drying it out or overcooking the dish.

Pre-Heating Function

This function will help get your French fries crispy and improve the texture of other cooked foods.

Convenience Features Of Cosori Air Fryers

The Cosori range of air fryers is not only great at cooking food, but they also offer several features that make them easy to use and make you want to use your air fryer!

Your air fryer will not become one of those kitchen appliances you use for a week and then pack away in a cupboard to collect dust.

Less mess when cooking – Air fryers cook with less oil than traditional cooking methods, making the inevitable chore of cleaning up less of a burden.

Dishwasher-safe baskets – The cooking basket of the Cosori air fryers is dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning up after cooking as simple as removing the basket and depositing it in your dishwasher.

Non-stick coating – The baskets of these air fryers have a non-stick coating, which prevents cooking residue from sticking to the surface of the basket. This allows the cooking residue to come off quickly in a dishwasher, and if you don’t have a dishwasher, washing by hand is easy and does not require hard scrubbing.

Free recipe book – The Cosori air fryer comes with a free recipe book that contains over 100 original recipes designed to help you cook great food and learn all the features of your brand new air fryer.

What better way to learn how to use your Cosori air fryer than experiment with new, delicious recipes that your friends and family will compliment you for.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Alexa compatibility. Most Cosori air fryers have built-in Wi-Fi, blue tooth, or Alexa capability, which gives you the ability to control your air fryers via your phone or home network.

Not all models carry these features, but if this is one of your requirements, it is available on specific models, so be sure to look out for these features in the range.

Secondary Cooking Features

Kitchen appliances traditionally put more value on function and not so much of an emphasis on form or style.

A nifty-looking kitchen appliance makes you want to use it, but it also offers a level of fashion, style, and appealing décor to your kitchen.

The Cosori air fryers come in a wide range of colors and sizes, making it easy to select a model that meets your cooking requirements, available space, and kitchen décor.

Air fryer colors – The Cosori range of air fryers come in elegant black, cool white, a fashionable red, and clinical stainless steel. One of these models is sure to complement the style and décor of your kitchen.

Cooking capacity – These air fryers come in a range of sizes that cater to the size of your day-to-day cooking needs. The Cosori air fryers come in a large 5.8-quart size for more prominent families, a medium 3.7-quart size for smaller families, and the small 3.4-quart model, which is excellent for a couple or even if you live on your own.

Additional accessories – Additional capabilities of the air fryer include racks for skewers, multi-purpose racks, cake pans, pizza pans, and cupcake molds.

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Next Steps

The Cosori air fryer is no run-of-the-mill air fryer, and the features and convenience that it offers will make you wonder how you ever managed to get by in your kitchen without one!

The air fryer can replace many cooking appliances in your kitchen, even your stove! This gives the air fryer the potential to be a great space saver in accommodation facilities where space is limited.

Not only is the air fryer fast and convenient, but the health benefits that it brings you to your cooking should be reason enough for you to add one to your kitchen!

If you are looking to treat yourself and get an air fryer, do yourself a favor and make it a Cosori air fryer and you will never look back.

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