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Top 10 Shoe Racks For Your Garage

So, do you think you have enough space for a shoe rack in your garage? If so, remember your boots if you have them too. Some of the best shoe racks offer space for them too. 

Consider The Space You Have For Your Shoes

Amber Pardilla of The Strategist says, “When it comes to shoe storage, how an organizer is designed is important to consider.”

Pardilla also mentions feature examples, such as whether or not it’s stackable or has shelves and plastic partitions. According to this author, intention also matters. For instance, is it meant to sit close to a door? 

Consider the space you have in the garage for a shoe rack. Then, make your selection based on measurements you’ve taken and features of available footwear storage types. 

If you’re not sure where you want to put it yet, an adjustable rack may work best for you. Some of them, you can assemble any way you think will work best in the space you have. 

Count Number Of Shoe Pairs Too

The number of shoe pairs you have also makes a difference. If you have 20 pairs of shoes, for instance, you might need a rack with five tiers (shelves). 

If you have 25-30 pairs, you might need a shoe rack at least 7-10 tiers high, depending on how many rows wide it is. The 10-tier shoe single-column rack may fit up to 50 shoes, by the way.

Best Shoe Racks For Your Garage

1. The 9-Tier, Double-Column CSXGBAB Shoe Rack 

Double column shoe rack

The CSXGBAB sells the 9-Tier Tallk Shoe Rack that would fit against any wall space. It has smaller compartments on one side for sneakers, flats, or pumps. The other side has shelves more than 13 inches from one another for boot placement. 

All parts have connectors you can assemble at your choosing. This allows you to create a combination of larger and smaller shelving spaces. 

It also has this extra feature: over-the-rail hooks that you can attach somewhere on the top of the 9-Tier Shoe Rack. That gives you extra storage capability for an extra set of keys. You could also hang an umbrella, handbag, or other items on it you’d take with you when leaving the house. 

You will also find similar products that also provide a double-zipper cover. For instance, this cover comes with the UDEAR 9-Tier Shoe Rack.

2. The 9-Tier, Two-Column Apicizon Shoe Rack Organizer 

Shoe Rack

The Apicizon Store provides a 9-Tier Shoe Rack that you can place anywhere in a garage. You may fit two or three of them on a back or side wall and use them for more than just shoes. 

It features waterproof fabric for the shelving components and iron tubing for the rack frame. It’s possible to place items like hats or handbags on the top shelf. You can also arrange the parts to create shorter, multiple storage spaces. 

3. The TIMEBAL 7-Tier, 3-Column Shoes, And Accessory Rack

Shoe rack

The TIMEBAL offers a 7-Tier Shoe Rack with three columns instead of two, depending on how you assemble it. It’s not quite as high, so you may have the option of setting it on a back table if you want. Otherwise, you could place it on a cabinet or credenza or position it against a side wall section. 

It has a top shelf for boxes, hats, or bigger accessories. Some inner shelves offer you enough height for placing small handbags or boots. (It depends on how you assemble the parts. You could instead place the taller shelving spaces on the outside.)

There’s also enough space on the lower-height shelves to place heeled shoes and high tops. It does come with some over-the-rod hooks you can hang on either side of it. Parts are made from wood, plastic, and metal.

4. APICIZON 10-Tier, Single-Column Wide Shoe Rack

10 Tier shoe rack

APICIZON makes a 10-Tier shoe rack that has a single wide column and 10 storage shelves. It allows you to disconnect some of the shelving rows to add boots. The lower-height shelves will fit most sneakers, high-tops, or heeled pumps. 

It also has space on the top where you can add belongings. Perhaps you can set up a storage tote, carry-on bag, or other items you typically take with you as you leave. 

5. ROJASOP 9-Tier, 4-Column Rack for Multiple Shoe Sizes 

Shoe Rack

ROJASOP has a shoe rack system that you can assemble to create up to four rows. Some sections give you space for at least two pairs of tall boots. This shelving kit also comes with special poly plastic sheets for the placement of high-heel dress shoes and pumps. 

Some of the shelves of lower height have enough room in them for boxes of footwear. It’s about 5.5 feet long (66 inches) and a little more than five feet wide (60.3 inches) with all parts used. 

You can also arrange the connectable pieces to create two smaller units. Of course, you can use them for more than just shoes. Light tools or accessories you take with you when you leave for the day will fit on them. 

6. Simple Trending 5-Tier Adjustable, Stackable Shoe Rack

Shoe Rack

Simple Trending makes it possible to use just one of their stackable shoe racks or multiple units. It’s also possible to connect them into three rows, creating more space for taller items in the middle. 

The Simple Trending shoe rack system also has space for boots. You could also hold other office items and clothing accessories if you want. Some people use these racks in other places besides garages and even set books, pencil holders, and flower vases on them. 

Variations With or Without Side Pouches

The same brand offers other shelving sizes, such as ones that reach seven tiers (rows, levels) high. Some of them come with as many as 16 side pouches you can install on either side. The 5-tier model, by the way, also comes with the option of adding side pouches. 

7. Simple Houseware Tower Shoe Rack 

tower shoe rack

The Simple Houseware Tower Shoe Rack includes a side hanging bag with room for four pairs of shoes. You can add flip-flops, flats, and other shoes into the pouches. The other shoes, with or without chunky heels, fit sideways into the other mini-cubby holes. 

It gives you a chance to expand your shoe storage space. It’s ideal for corner placement in any room. If you have limited garage space, this may be ideal. It also has a top with rails for adding to-go belongings, such as your purse, a backpack or keys.