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Best Shoe Racks For Front Doors

Many homes have a rule about wearing shoes inside. Not only is it cleaner for the whole house, but keeping shoes in the same place means the chances of losing any decrease dramatically. So, what are the best racks to leave shoes on by the front door?

Of course, as with many things in life, what works best depends on needs, perspective, and space. With that being said, the best shoe rack needs a greater purpose with integration.

Meaning a shoe rack that blends into the room and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. The finest option would be one that allowed for easy access to both put away and take out shoes, as well as makes itself available for other functions.

The more it does, the more the focus is on shoes and on the ambiance of a room. Essentially, you want a multi-functional shoe rack. 

If you’ve had an over-the-door shoe rack that holds on with hooks at the top and is made of cloth, you might be interested in learning more about what a shoe rack could be. There are a whole world of choices when it comes to what the shoe rack can do for a space.

Come along with us as we explore different aspects of the multi-function shoe rack.  

Multi-Function Shoe Racks

Before we talk about our favorite functional racks, let’s get an idea of what it means to be a multi-function shoe rack. To begin with, obviously, there has to be a space for shoes. That doesn’t necessarily mean a ton of room but a safe space for shoes to be wet, dirty, or otherwise.

To have multiple functions, the rack has to offer another service to the room or the people who use it. That can be a place to hang coats, sit, or serve a decorative purpose.

As House Beautiful pointed out, “Everyone could use the help of a good shoe organizer.” Throughout this list, a wide range of racks will offer a solid perspective on what a shoe rack can do to upgrade an entry.

Shoe Rack Bench

Shoe rack bench

By the front door isn’t only the best place for shoes, it’s also a great place to sit. Whether you’re waiting for someone, a guest is waiting for a member of the household, or shoes just need to be put on, the front door is an essential part of a home’s vibe. 

What better place is there to sit than by the door? Perhaps there is also not a more convenient spot in the house to put shoes than a bench that doubles as a shoe rack. This kind of bench is typically cushioned and put together with wood or steel. That means a shoe rack bench can come in various colors and designs.

Shoe Rack Cabinet

Shoe rack cabinet

Speaking of shoe benches, this shoe rack provides a seat but goes the extra mile to keep the accessories private. So, you have a cabinet where shoes can be tucked away neatly, in all their potentially messy glory. No one who stops by will be the wiser.

The shoe rack cabinet comes with a plush cushion on top. There’s no backing, so this model would go best against a wall. Below the seat, you’ll find between two and three doors that conceal shelves and cubbies for an assortment of shoes.

Doors close fully, usually through magnets. Such a system forces an extra effort to be paid, and, hopefully, that means a more organized space to keep those doors latching shut.

Vertical Shoe Rack

vertical shoe rack

Not every interior theme or space has room for an elongated shoe rack. Sometimes, you must make the most of the area you have. That often means building up. Instead of having shoes low to the ground and maybe even in a chaotic pile, a vertical shoe rack has one pair of shoes per level.

Typical vertical shoe racks showcase up to eight pairs of shoes. This rack is reminiscent of a shoe store display.

On top, you have a flat plane that can be used to add color to the front entrance. Feel free to add a trophy, statue, or plant. Well, anything you can trust when it falls.

Shoe and Pocket Rack

shoe and pocket rack

This might be the perfect pick if you’re looking for a shoe rack for several people in the house, including children. This type of rack has numerous shelves with an assortment of sizes. Best of all, this shoe housing utilizes both sides of the unit.

It would behoove the owner of this piece to put it in the middle of a wall so that either side would be easily accessible. 

In addition to a plethora of spots to put a pair of shoes, there are pockets on at least one side of the rack. This is a great design for little hands who need items to grab for school or as reminders so something isn’t left behind. The other side often has hooks for things like umbrellas or even apparel.

Of course, the top of the shoe and pocket rack is a blank canvas to incorporate the room’s decor.

Coat and Shoe Rack

Shoe & Coat Rack

Have an entryway that is devoid of a closet?

A coat and shoe rack is quite tall to accommodate several rows of shoes. On top of that is a platform to set things, such as keys or wallets. 

Up top is a beam with hooks where hats and jackets can be hung without disturbing any other shelves. Oh, don’t forget that there is another small space above the hooks where even more items can be placed.