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Best Ninja Blenders For Smoothies & Juicing

By Robin Hatch

November 25, 2020

I love smoothies and fresh fruit juice, and I was in the market to get a new blender because my old one fell apart after years of use. Ninja makes some amazing blenders for smoothies and juicing, so I decided to review the best blenders they have and see if some of them could meet my crazy smoothie needs.

The best Ninja blenders for smoothies and juicing are Nutri Pro, Cold & Hot Blender, Professional Plus Kitchen System, Power Nutri Duo, and the Power Pitcher System. These blenders range in size, price, and functionality depending on your needs and are great for creating the best smoothies, juices, frozen drinks, soups, sauces, nut butter, dough, and much more.

I will be doing a detailed review of 5 Ninja blenders in this article.

I will be breaking down each blender’s functions and features, along with what each blender system will include when you purchase it and how much they will cost to buy.

If you are in the mood and market to get a blender that makes the best smoothies, read on and get ready for a mouth-watering experience.  

Ninja Kitchen Blenders Overview

Ninja kitchen appliances (in this case, Ninja Blenders) arguably make some of the best household appliances you can get today.

They are made with the highest quality material with widely available replacement parts and excellent customer care and support. They also have a great online community to share recipes, get food guides, chat with other appliance owners, and socialize about cooking (check out their Facebook community here).  

Whether you are creating big batch blends, creating single-smoothies, multiple large smoothies, or just preparing ingredients, Ninja Blenders are a great choice, and they have a wide variety.

To find the best Ninja Kitchen Blender for smoothies, we will review five blenders from Ninja, which will battle it out for our winner as the top Ninja Blender for smoothies. Let’s get right into it.

Nutri Ninja Pro

We start our list with the blender that costs the least cash in the Ninja Blender range. This little monster is packed with 900-watts of power and has a twist-on lid for easy on-the-go sipping. 

This blender is great for single smoothies and manual pulses to easily crush ice, seeds, and frozen ingredients.

Purchasing this appliance gets you the 900-watt motor base, an 18oz. Nutri Ninja cup, a 24 oz. Nutri Ninja cup, spout lids, a 30-recipe inspiration guide, and the pro extractor blades assembly unit.

It has a stylish black and silver design, is BPA-free, and the parts are dishwasher safe. This blender is great for bachelor smoothie makers because it is small, easy to use, and makes single smoothies in one easy go.

Check out this blender here.

Ninja Foodi Power Nutri Duo Blender

The next version up is this ninja blender, which has a name that is a mouthful to say. This blender has smartTORQUE technology designed to cut through and blend the thickest and toughest ingredients at high speed and never stall.

It has four pre-set Auto-IQ programs that let you make smoothies, extractions, bowls, and spread with one touch. It is crammed with a 1200-watt power-dense motor, is easy to clean, and is dishwasher safe. 

The 14 oz. Power Nutri Bowl with Power Paddle cuts through frozen ingredients with less liquid for the most amazingly perfectly thick smoothie bowls, blender ice cream, and nut butter. Then there is the 24 oz. Power Nutri Cup has a better breakdown for smoother extractions, frozen drinks, and smoothies. 

This blender is the 1200-watt motor unit, two 24 oz single-serve cups, and lids, a 14 oz.

This blender is BPA-free, comes in silver, and is dishwasher safe. Optional extras include the XL Power Nutri Bowl and Storage Lid.

This blender is great for the next step up, creating ultra-smooth smoothies and smoothies containing ingredients that are difficult to cut and blend. This blender will run you about $120, and the optional extra lid will run you about $30.

Learn more about this blender on here.

Ninja Foodi Cold & Hot Blender

This incredible blender is one of Ninja kitchen’s high-end models. It combines high-speed crushing and extraction with precision heat cooking that takes you past the realm of frozen drinks and smoothies to create soups and sauces, not to mention you’re able to develop flavored waters and cocktails.

This massive 1400-watt motor delivers maximum crushing and extraction for the ultimate smoothies and fancy frozen drinks.

This model has an 800-watt heating element that heats up and boils the blender’s contents in minutes to create smooth and hearty soups. It can also melt chocolate and cheese to make fondue and simmer beautifully flavored sauces.

Unlike the previous two blenders, this blender comes with a 64 oz pitcher-style jug. This is great for entertaining when you need to make large quantities of a cocktail or a large amount of soup or sauce.

It comes with 12 pre-set Auto-iQ innovative programs that allow you to create frozen drinks, soups, sauces, cocktails, water infusions, ice cream, and pretty much anything you can think of.

This appliance comes with a massive 1400-watt motor base, a 64 oz glass pitcher with an 800-watt precision heating element, a tamper, a cleaning brush, and a 25-recipe guide. It is BPA-free, comes in a stylish black finish, and is dishwasher safe. This blender will run you about $160.

Learn more about this blender here.

Ninja Professional Plus Kitchen System With Auto-IQ

This complete Ninja blender system features a brand-new modern-day design and more functionality than the original Professional Kitchen System. This blending system has a 1400-watt motor base unit that perfectly crushes ice for frozen drinks and your smoothies.

It has five pre-set Auto-iQ programs that help you create dough, smoothies, and frozen drinks you can extract nutrients and vitamins from fruits and vegetables with the touch of a button.

Included with this blending system is a whopping 72 oz. The pitcher is excellent for making large batches for the family, and it has a 64 oz max liquid capacity.

Also, a 64 oz. Precision Processor Bowl enables you to chop, smooth out purees, and mix up to 2lbs of dough. You also get the 1400-watt power motor base, total crushing blades, a 24 oz. Ninja Blending cup, pro extractor blades assembly, a Ninja Spout Lid, chopping blade, and the dough blade.

Lastly, you will get a recipe inspiration guide. It comes in black, and stainless steel is BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

This blending system is a great family blender, can be used for many things, and is an excellent purchase for those mothers and wives who love to make smoothies for the family, prep food and ingredients, and perhaps those who love to bake. This model will run you approximately $200 and is part of Ninja’s high-end blender range.

Learn more about this blender here.

Ninja Foodi Power Pitcher System Blender

The Power Pitcher is a 4-in-1 blender and food processor that mix the dough. This incredible blending system has total speed control for precision chopping mixing and comes with Ninja’s smartTORQUE technology that enables the blender to power through any speed without stalling. 

This blender is also 1400-watts and has six pre-set Auto-iQ programs that enable you to create smoothies, bowls, spreads, mix the dough, and chop fruits and vegetables at the touch of a button.

This system includes the Power Pitcher that can chop, crush, make smoothies and mix dough conveniently in this one pitcher, which is 72 oz. and comes with a lid. It also includes a Power Nutri Bowl like the Power Nutri Duo blender, and with this bowl, you can create nut butter, blender ice cream, and thick smoothies.

Depending on where you purchase this system, it may come with a Ninja Coffee and Spice Grinder, which is excellent for crushing your coffee beans and creating a variety of flavourful spices.

Also included in the system are the 1400-watt motor base, the total crushing and chopping blade, the dough blade, a 24 oz single-serve cup and lid, the 14 oz.

This blender will run you around about $170. It is a tremendous all-around blender, big enough to make large quantities and perform better due to its smartTORQUE technology.

Check out this blender here.

Ninja Foodi Blenders Comparison Guide

Below is a comparison chart between all of the Ninja Foodi Blenders.

Ninja Foodi Power Nutri Duo Ninja Professional Plus
Ninja Foodi Cold & Hot BlenderNutri Ninja ProNinja Foodi Power Pitcher
Watts12001400 peak1400 peak9001400 peak
FunctionBlenderBlender/Food ProcessorBlenderBlenderBlender
Automatic Programs451206
Manual Programs2471N/A
Vacuum BlendingN/ANoNoNo No
Total Crushing BladesN/AYesYesNoYes
Chopping BladesYesN/AN/AN/AYes
Pitcher/jarN/A72 oz64 ozNo72oz
# of cups and lids2 24oz Power Nutri Cups with spout lids2 24oz Single-serve cups and spout lidsNot includedOne 18 oz Ninja Cup 1 24oz Single-serve cup and lid1 storage lid
Smart vessel recognitionN/AYesNoNoYes
Nutrient ExtractionN/AYes YesYesYes
Recipes15-recipe inspiration guide30-recipe inspiration guide25-recipe inspiration guide30-recipe inspiration guideN/A


These are the top 5 blenders that Ninja makes for smoothies. All you need to decide is what blender suits your specific needs. Are you just blending smoothies for yourself once a day?

Do you want to be able to create hot soups and sauces and make smoothies for more than one? Do you need to be able to crush nuts and seeds? Do you want to be able to crush ice and frozen foods without the blender stalling? 

We covered blenders that are great for all these scenarios, and all these blenders are made with high-quality materials and come with limited warranties.

So no matter which one you choose, you can have peace of mind that you will be buying quality and precision products, and they will meet any smoothie needs you may have.

We’ve compiled a complete list of frequently asked kitchen questions for new and experienced homeowners.

Our team of experts answers these questions to help assist you through DIY projects and home repairs.

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