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Best Bathroom Accessories For Modern Bathrooms

There is no disputing it; bathroom renovations can be expensive, but good style doesn’t have a high price tag. Maybe you’re a renter, or perhaps you are just watching what you spend at the moment.

This is why we have come up with a fresh batch of budget-friendly accessories that can make a massive difference to your bathroom. Here are the best bathroom accessories for 2021, which are $100 or less.

Best Bathroom AccessoriesBenefitsLink
Bathtub Caddy TraySleek look Made with environmentally friendly materialsView Price
Rustic 5-Tier Towel RackVisually pleasing & slip-resistantView Price
Turkish Towels100% cotton and eco-friendlyView Price
Wire Toilet Roll HolderRust-proofView Price
Handwoven Double HamperDurable two-sided storageView Price
Black Bear Toilet BrushEasy to useView Price
Scented Wax Candles Improves bathroom smellsView Price
Floating ShelvesEasy installationView Price
Tube WringerHelps reduce the costs of toothpasteView Price
Oval mirrorFrameless mirrorView Price
Glass Soap BottlesDurable glass & great smellView Price
Cotton Woven BasketsGreat for large bathroom storageView Price

Just because we cannot splurge on the roll-top bath of our dreams or the sauna system we have envied does not mean we can’t give our bathrooms (and our well-being) a significant upgrade without breaking the bank.

You’d be surprised by the transformation you can achieve with a relatively small budget. There is no need to break through walls and completely upend your life to get the bathroom you want.  

Best Bathroom Accessories For Cleaning

We spotlight cheap yet chic bathroom accessories to make a fresh, stylish interior more accessible and revamp our lives at an affordable price. Let us prove that updating your bathroom can be done without breaking the bank.

Here are some decorating ideas that only cost $100 or less to give you a high-quality look and the refresh you’ve been thinking about. These will go great if you’re looking to remodel your bathroom on a budget.

1. Bathtub Caddy Tray

After a long hard day, there’s nothing more we enjoy than unwinding in a nice, warm, relaxing bath. If that sounds like your perfect way to relax, you deserve to upgrade your bathroom to a spa – that’s where the Bathtub Caddy Tray comes in.

Your bathtub caddy will change the way you bathe and bring a touch of that spa magic to your own home. It’s made with quality, eco-friendly bamboo and a length that can be adjusted to fit your bathtub.

Use it for storing shampoos, conditioners, soaps, candles, books, and (maybe best of all) a glass of wine.

These bathtub trays help combine function and style to turn your bathroom into an oasis.

All that’s left to do is run the water, add a bath bomb, some essential oils, or some bubbles, and relax. Let the worries melt away, and sip that wine.

ExpandableLarge logo
Mold resistantStandard colors
Lots of compartmentsIt needs to dry between uses
Anti-slip grips 
Environmentally friendly bamboo 

2. Ladder Drying Rack

Have you ever dreamt of a towel rack that looks like a work of art? Well, you’re in luck. Take a look at this leaning towel rack. This rustic 5-tier towel rack by HOOBRO is the perfect way to show off your sense of style – and towels in the bathroom.

It offers lots of space to hang your towels, plus it adds an industrial, shabby-chic style to the bathroom. This ladder gives you more room to hang your towels than a typical towel rack. While at the same time taking up less floor space.

HOOBRO has ingeniously added five hooks at the top of the rack, which helps hang up wet towels or other bath accessories that need storage.

Made to last with solid steel construction and non-slip feet, it displays your towels elegantly while staying out the way.

Neutral color palletIt can look small in larger rooms
Extra hooks 
Small footprint 
It doubles up as a display piece. 

3. Luxury Towels

A practical way of upgrading your bathroom look is with soft furnishings, and towels are included in that. Not only can you color match the room, but a luxury bath towel will also add understated opulence.

And nothing feels better than wrapping yourself up in a cozy towel after you get out of the tub or shower.

This set of 8 Turkish Towels, made from consciously harvested ring-spun cotton, is super soft and fluffy and can make any bathroom feel like a spa.

Arrange them to add interest to your space, but ultimately use them to pamper yourself without leaving your house.

12 color optionsBest washed separately on cool
100% cotton 
Eco friendly 
Machine washable 
Sustainably sourced 

4. Free Standing Toilet Roll Holder

One of the biggest challenges to affordably upgrading a bathroom is what to do with all the toilet rolls? Of course, it needs to be stored nearby, but all those rolls are unsightly.

This vintage-inspired wire toilet roll holder has an understated classic appearance in a range of rust-proof paints—no need to worry about moisture anymore.

It’s lightweight and completely moveable. So it’ll slip right in next to your toilet, taking up next to no room and giving you easy access to the essential toilet roll.

The simple assemblage of this holder gives you easy, chic storage quickly and at a minimal cost.

Lightweight and movableThe silver option looks more like nickel
Rust-proof coating 
High-quality steel 
Large enough to hold Mega-rolls 
Vintage look 

5. Handwoven Laundry Bin

An indispensable item in your bathroom or laundry room, laundry baskets store your dirty washing until the dreaded wash day.

These beautiful handwoven double hamper features are tightly woven synthetic strands in a mocha pattern for a water-resistant and utterly unique piece of furniture. The rustic look of the wicker tricks your eye into even noticing it’s just a laundry basket. 

The compartments have handy lift-up lids to keep smells in and eyes out and conveniently pre-sort your lights from your darks. Lighten a load of laundry day with dual heavy-duty canvas laundry bags that tuck neatly inside the hamper.

Which, most importantly, has large handles for easy carrying from the bathroom to the laundry room.

Water-resistantIt feels heavy due to capacity
Durable canvas innersCanvas bags need washing on cool
Two-sided storage 
Large capacity 
Portable inners for carrying laundry 

6. Toilet Brush Holder

Every bathroom has a toilet brush to fix a clogged toilet from the white house to the outhouse. However, it’s usually an accessory that people try to hide away, but have you ever considered you could make it a part of your decor? There’s no need to put function over style anymore when cleaning the restroom.

This cheeky little black bear toilet brush makes cleaning the bathroom bearable as he holds his nose while holding your brush in his little tree stump.

Cleaning your bathroom should be a breeze; we show you six ways to clean your bathroom here.

Made from cold cast resin with lifelike, hand-painted details, the bear stands 11 inches high, giving your guests a giggle. He makes an entertaining accessory for your bathroom upgrade. He’s such a joy!

EntertainingIt may not suit everyone’s tastes
Cold cast resin 

7. Candles

When you can’t make it to the spa for whatever reason, you can create a blissful oasis in your home. Candles can trick and trap your senses, completely transforming your bathroom.

Your nose might be carried off to a massage table while your eyes soften after staring at the flame.

These little scented wax candles are on many self-care must-have lists. These 12 packs of 6 fragrances include Lilac, Lotus, Ginger Flower, Jasmine, Peony & Cherry Blossoms, and Green Tea.

The smell is not pungent, very moderate; even when not ignited, they are fragrant.

If you have an issue with bathroom smells, candles are a great way to minimize them.

These candles will spread a relaxing aroma, whether you’re sinking into the tub with a book and a glass of wine or doing your ten-step skincare routine.

Come in a gift boxFor those who like lighter scents
Good for display 
Six different scents 

8. Floating Shelves

Have you ever noticed how swiftly your bathroom becomes disorganized? Regardless of how many good intentions you have, you’ll always have items scattered everywhere on your countertop.

Your drawers are untidy and chaotic, and of course, nowhere to place anything decorative.

Luckily, shelving saves you space and tidying time to keep it looking chic. As you can see with these charming floating shelves, shelving isn’t only practical: it can also be fully part of your decor decisions.

Neutral paulownia wood is always a lovely backdrop for decorations and accessories to pop out against. Perfect for displaying your bathroom necessities and keeping them within arm’s reach.

It comes in a set of 4Screws for the wood could be longer
Easy installation 
100% natural paulownia wood 
Sturdy structure 
It can hold up to 40lbs 

9. Gill Tube Wringer

This little gem isn’t necessarily a bathroom accessory, but it’s an upgrade. We couldn’t resist throwing it in at the end of this list. Have you ever thought about how much product you throw away each year just because you can’t squeeze it all out?

We’ve all battled with the tube of toothpaste, desperately trying to get every last drop we paid for, leaving the tube in some horrifically contorted hourglass shape.

The Tube Wringer was designed for this exact reason. It doesn’t just work on toothpaste; you can use it with cream, lotions, hair dyes, and even paint tubes.

However, it’s perhaps a good idea to keep these away from your bathroom sink.

Once you buy one, it’s hard not to run around the house finding every squeezable tube to test it out on, and you will genuinely be shocked by the amount of product still left.

SturdyQuite big
It can handle huge tubesIt needs to be kept away from water
Easy to turn 
Corrugates the tube to stop the product from slipping back down 

10. Bathroom Mirror

No bathroom is complete without a mirror. Get creative with your space and turn a necessity into an opportunity to upgrade your bathroom with a statement mirror. You can turn a drab part of the bathroom into something quite stylish.

This beautiful oval mirror by UShower would look excellent center stage above the basin; its beveled edge bounces light, really opening up the room.

It is a real focal point that makes an impression as soon as you enter the room. This mirror is incredibly affordable and an absolute gem at 20” x 28” and made with thick glass. You’ll need robust hardware; they’re surprisingly heavy, considering the price. 

Nice and largeHeavy
Comes with hardwareYou’ll need a drill to install
Good value 

11. Soap and Lotion Dispenser

Did you know you don’t need to fork out expensive items to change up a bathroom? The little things make a difference when it comes to updating spaces.

Soap dispensers are something you need in your bathroom. Unfortunately, their design usually ranges from forgettable to just plain ugly. Soap dispensers and be beautiful, functional additions to your bathroom’s decor.

Anyone looking to upgrade their bathroom can play around with changing up their containers. Glass Soap bottles are excellent for pulling together the overall look of your space and creating a cohesive design.

Decorate your room by dressing up your amenities instead of adding clutter to a small sink.

Clear glass for the colored soapWill need maintenance every few months
Variety of pump colors 
Better for environment 

12. Baskets

One of the biggest reasons people decide to upgrade their bathrooms is because they have nowhere to put anything.

The clutter can make a bathroom completely unrelaxing when that’s the room you want to feel most at ease. Bathrooms can quickly become messy and unorganized, with various body washes, beauty products, shampoo bottles, and hygiene products taking over shelves and showers.

Decorative storage baskets are not only functional but stylish addition to any room. Use them to store your products in an ornamental way that elevates your space and ties in with your decor.

Transform your bathroom with a simple update by adding these natural cotton woven baskets to disguise all your bits and bobs. 

Natural fibersIt may need washing every few months in cool water
Eco friendly 
Large enough to fit most items 


These are all of the bathroom accessories to make your bathroom complete.

We’ve compiled a complete list of frequently asked bathroom questions for new and experienced homeowners.

Our team of experts answers these questions to help assist you through DIY projects and home repairs.